Saturday, October 9, 2010

42 on 101010. Big Ol' Fat Giveaway!

his giveaway is closed!  Thanks for participating!


"The date is 10.10.10.  Besides the symmetry of the number, which is beautiful in and of itself, is the ultra nerdy stuff people like myself love. you see, 101010 is not only redundant it is also binary for the number 42.  If it were 26 maybe you, my American readers would be more intrigued.  But for those who see distances in kilometers, 42 means a great deal.  Like the number of kilometers in a marathon.  So there is no way I am going to miss running a marathon on 10.10.10."

    According to Dane Rauschenberg's blog post Sunday may bring us closer to the answer to Life The Universe and Everything. My hubby thinks this is silly but I love it!   42. The meaning of Life, The Universe, and Everything.

T Being a Douglas Adams fan and a little bit of a geek, I wish that I could run a marathon in his honor or just to celebrate the day in some way. I am only going to be running 10 miles but I will be thinking of all the marathoners heading out there tomorrow.
It is also the date of the NYC Barefoot Run!  I hope to be there next year for sure. 

Lets celebrate all of it with a big ol' fat giveaway!  
If I don't just put this out there I will procrastinate until I am so loaded down with crap to do that I just throw my hands in the air and say eff it all.  So instead of one giveaway for each and ridiculous amount of pressure on me,  I am doing one really big one with a huge amount of ways to increase your chances of winning depending on how much time you want to put into gaining entries! Besides, these are all some of my favorite things, (insert Julie Andrews singing here) and I want to share about the stuff I am diggin' on now.
  • I have a signed copy of Jason Robillards book "The Barefoot Running Book". Second edition!  This is good stuff people!  He is funny and full of down to earth (hehe) useful barefoot knowledge.  I often, even having run for over a year barefoot, refer to his book for info.

  • Dean over at Clif Bar is letting me give away a box of mixed flavors of gels.  They have revamped the ingredients and the look.  I can say they are pretty great! mmmm chocolate cherry! They will be able to send out the Clif at the beginning of November since they have not been on the market yet.

  • A nuun care package with three flavors and a nuun water bottle. You must stay hydrated and nuun is the prime way to do so!

  •  For those marathoners out there (and aspiring marathoners of course), I have a medal hangar from Allied Steel that they gave me to pass on to one of you.  They sent me a Barefoot Angie Bee hanger that totally rocks!

Boys and Girls both sign up and get the word out!
Here is how to enter. ***Make sure you leave a separate comment for each thing you do. Each comment means an entry since I will choose using the more comments, the more chances to win***  
I will announce a winner on Monday October 18th.

Lots of wonderful things going on for me.  My running is fun as ever. I have made some new friends and am loving the upcoming opportunities and I have a wonderful family that keep me grounded and safe through all of my adventures.
Happy running my friends!!

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