Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Barefoot Running Book giveaway!!!

"If you want to win anything-a race, yourself, your life-you have to go a little berserk"
~Dr. George Sheehan~

This giveaway is now closed!! Thanks to all who entered!!

Ultra Runner and barefoot runner extraordinaire Jason Robillard sent me a copy of his book The Barefoot Running Book to give away.  I love my copy and was going to pass that along however I highlighted so now I must keep it!
  You have seen the articles floating around about barefoot running and I bet you have heard of the book "Born to Run".  There is a lot of excitement about barefoot running  and you have probably seen the increased advertisement of minimal or shoes that give you the feel of going barefoot.   Now is your chance to check out a book written by a  barefoot ultra runner.
(I have mentioned it before!)
  So,why would you want to try barefoot running??? Here are some common reasons that are mentioned in the book.
  • Do not enjoy running,looking for something to make it fun
  • Strengthen your feet
  • Reduce injuries
  • Inspired by books such as "Born to Run" by Christopher McDougall
  • Reminiscent of childhood
  • Don't like the feeling of sweaty, smelly socks and shoes
  • Long-time runner looking for new challenge
  • Want to run in a more natural way
  • Simplifying their lives
  I began running because I no longer liked running due to shin splints and chronic back pain. It hurt and it wasn't fun anymore. I couldn't get past 20 miles a week no matter how hard I tried and then would be set back with injuries. My dear husband suggest I run barefoot and I thought he was a nut until he suggested I read  "Born to Run".  BTR was incredibly inspiring for me and gave me hope that I could love running again. I  then searched around for barefoot running groups and came across the Runners World Barefoot running forum.  Which in fact is where I met Jason.  He has been incredibly helpful and has put countless hours into helping others on the forum and then writing this book!

  It is a compact book with an intuitive design to the information delivery.  My favorite part is the section on Jason's guiding principles that I could not agree with more. They have been and remain my core secrets to barefoot success and Jason is able to put those notions into words.
Principle one being the guide throughout all barefoot running                          

  1. There is no single right answer.
  2. You must experiment  and learn from your successes and failures.
  3. Your body is your best teacher.
  4. Patience is mandatory.
  5. Relaxation is the secret to great form.                                                                  
  6. You must enjoy the process.                                                                      
  Jason's unique sense of humor spikes the book with giggles such as when he suggests competitive break dancing as a form of cross training during the transition period from shod to bare.

  Jason breaks down the levels of experience into  Pre-running, Starting to run barefoot, Intermediate barefoot running and advanced running. He then introduces the major theories of that section, addresses issues or problems that might arise and also suggests activities that will give you practice and some fun!

  Jason even had the foresight to add a section on Hecklers.  When trying something new we put ourselves in a place of vulnerability and this is often why people do not try new things to begin with. In the book are some things that others have done and said when faced with skepticism or negativity as well as curiosity!

You can purchase a copy of Jason's book at his website Barefoot Running University and he also has a blog at Barefoot Chronicles.

Here is how you can enter to win a copy of "The Barefoot Running Book"!
Leave a comment for each.

  1. Become a follower of this blog.
  2. Go to Jason's blog and check it out.
  3. Become a fan on facebook.
  4. Have you tried barefoot running? Will you try it?  Tell me your thoughts on it. (you can answer one or all but say something about this crazy thing that I love to do so much!!)
  5. Link up from your blog, tweet, facebook status update, one or all but make sure to comment for each.
This contest will run until May 19th and then a winner will be chosen using Random.org and then announced on the 20th
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