Saturday, May 1, 2010

ran away today barefoot, perspective and morning fuel.

  I knew when the spawn were seriously pushing my buttons this morning that I had to run away.
I did 6.25 barefoot miles on my hill route and managed to do it in 65 minutes.  I was not pushing myself so I am thinking that doing my hill route with a spawn in the stroller at least once a week is making me stronger!

  I saw a dude struggling up a killer hill and was kind of out of breath but managed to yell "good job biker!" and wave and yell "good job" when he looked over at me.  I wanted to say something sassier like "way to kick that hills ass" but I was kinda shy and a bit out of breathe anyways.

  While chugging up my hills I  concentrated on getting in touch with what I want from my 5k next weekend.  I have been telling myself that I want to place in my age group yet that is something that if I don't do, it I will inevitably be depressed about so of course I have been stressing about it.
The epiphany that came to me today was that I am going to empty my tank on that 5k.  There will be nothing left when I am done. If I throw up in front of hundreds, so be it. If I pass out  or die at the finish line, so be it. I am going to empty the tank. It will only be icing on the cake if I place. I will know I ran my best. The decision has been made and now, miraculously, I am at ease and excited and so looking forward to it!  What a beautiful thing perspective can be.

 Speaking of empty tanks, I didn't eat anything before I left for my run this morning. I had  some water and a cup of coffee with rice  milk.  I think its beneficial to run on an empty tank occasionally to burn some fat and to train my body and mind to keep on keepin on when I am tired and hungry.  It wasn't intentional today but I was able to deal.
The hardest part for me about running in the mornings is that I don't fuel well and feel sluggish.  A banana is always a trusty snack to grab but being gluten and casein free its hard to just pop in some toast or grab a muffin although I do have a muffin mix I want to test again.

 On the way home,  I was passed by a man riding a 3 wheeled hand cranked bike.  He said "you make my feet hurt and I can't even feel mine!". Smart ass :)   He said he wants to get to 100 mile rides by the end of May and has done RAGBRAI several time which is a bike ride across Iowa. We talked for about 5 minutes which is probably where the 5 of my 65 minutes comes from! Happy Biking sassy guy!

The lilacs were so sweet in spots along my route that it was almost too much. Almost. The scent was so thick I could taste it!
I finally have some frozen mixed berries to munch on!  We went grocery shopping today!  I was out for a couple of days and going through withdrawals! Now I am cold and can't get warmed back up.
  I realized after wearing my new running skirt that I bought at Kohl's today that its not a good idea to go clothing shopping the day before Aunt Flo is estimated to arrive since in a week it will fit differntly.  Its a very comfortable skirt and has a great pocket for my phone of a GU pack and it doesn't pull the skirt down at all.
I have been wearing the skirt all day and have often wondered how I managed to go so long in life without wearing a running skirt every day!

 So what do you fuel up on in the mornings before a run?
Best of luck to all the racers this weekend!!!!!



There is no better piece of clothing than a running skirt. You are going to do great at the 5K next week, especially if you truly push yourself to empty the tank!

KC (my 140 point 6 mile journey) said...

Great job just getting out there and running to clear the mind. Regarding fueling, i have learned over the last 20 years of running that eating before any race distance under a marathon does not sit well for me. I can get away with a gu or some sport drink on the course but not much more than that. If i'm running a marathon, i usually will have a powerbar and coffee about 2 hours before the race. On long training runs, i may take a few gu's or a powerbar to nibble on every 30-45 min. I've always been able to run well w/minimal amount of intake. I do make sure to hydrate thru out the long run or race...not nearly as big a deal in shorter distances for me.

Teamarcia said...

Wow you're gonna burn it up out there next week! Glad you're enjoying the skirt!
I typically run on an empty stomach unless I'm doing 10+.

Unknown said...

I adore running skirts! I try not to go out empty, so I try to strive for a hard boiled egg and a cheesestick, if nothing else. It depends on how far I am going. If I am going over 12, I will have the egg, cheese, dry toast, and maybe oatmeal. It seems to get me through my morning until I get home to REAL food!

Unknown said...

Fun post, I like the guys comment! I know you smiled back! So, I can't do without my running skirts either. My husband was trying to talk me into buying some new running shorts and I just can't do it...they aren't as comfortable! I bet you're excited for next week!

Stephanie Wallingford said...

ok i want a running skirt now. first you have me running barefoot, and now looking for a skirt. please don't start wearing a clown hat or a blindfold.

Momma Twitch said...

You're going to do SO good at your 5k! I saw a girl running barefoot today during the half marathon and thought of you. :)

Jill said...

That's funny about the guy, I bet you made his day though :). I have a client doing the dam to dam and the Des Moine Marathon (just saw it on your calendar), maybe you guys could meet up :). Anyway, you're going to do great on your 5K, a perfect kick-off race for 2010.

Jill said...

That's funny about the guy, I bet you made his day though :). I have a client doing the dam to dam and the Des Moine Marathon (just saw it on your calendar), maybe you guys could meet up :). Anyway, you're going to do great on your 5K, a perfect kick-off race for 2010.

Ewa said...

If I run early in the morning I would not eat anything but I would have to have coffee to get my intestines going or running becomes a desperate search for a place to poop. Not fun.

I will have to stop at Kohls to check out their running stuff.

Laura said...

It's always good to set a goal - good luck next weekend!
A banana w/peanut butter is one of my favs in the morning!

ShellBell said...
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ShellBell said...

I just bought a skirt and ran in it. I felt sassy & cute and was amazed how comfy it was. Added bonus...the hubby loved it too :)

I don't eat alot before a run. Usually a piece of toast with peanut butter along with some chia. I am however, ALL about the post run food.

Madison M. said...

I guess for me it just depends on what time I get up/ how far I'm running for that day. I've been on a English Muffin with Grape Jelly kick here for quite a while now and it seems to be working really good! Some days tho if I don't manage to get up in time to eat or I just dont feel hungry I won't eat, but I'll grab a Gatorade and drink that before I go for my run. However, it never fails.. Whether I eat or not I am always starving by the time I make it home. Which usually consists of eating a big bowl of Special K cereal! :)

Madison M. said...

Good Luck on your 5k! :)

I really like English Muffins w/ Grape Jelly! They've really been working great so far! But my favorite part is eating a big bowl of Special K cereal after my run! :)

Madison M. said...

Good Luck with your 5k!! :)

I really like English Muffins with Grape Jelly! :) But my favorite is eating a big bowl of Special K cereal after running :)

Miriam of Filly Runner said...

Being hypoglycemic purposefully skipping a meal before a run would simply not work for me. I generally try to grab a quick smoothie for myself before heading out the door. I find that having something with protein in it works best for me.

Barefoot Tyler said...

I drink a 1/2 a serving of protein powder + water(mixed together obviously). It is not too much, but it holds me over for 2 hours or so. Enough to get a decent run in.

I am considering running an ultra one day. I need to get my body used to running on empty.

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