Saturday, July 9, 2011

Sony W Series Walkman MP3 Player review and GIVEAWAY!

  Typically I don't run with music.  It had been years and years since I had.  I like to think and listen to the sounds around me.  I was given the opportunity to try out the Sony Walkman MP3 player and was excited but equally dubious until I tried it out.   I still love to run without music but it was REALLY FUN to hear my favorite songs come on!  I was able to relax and just focus on the music and all other cares floated away.  The opportune evening to try them out presented itself when the hubby was doing a nuun demo and I wanted to get some miles in.

  I set out, believe it or not, in shoes since I knew there was a fair bit of glass on my route and I would be coming back after dark.  This allowed me to run with barefoot form but also to get lost in the music. Off I went with Mumford and Sons sending me on my way.  Beck to keep me going and Florence and the Machine to cheer me on.  Incredibly cathartic and yes I did sing out loud!

  Often when trying something new there are preconceived notions that creep in.  I thought the Walkman  would jiggle and want to come off or if it did stay put it would be uncomfortable.   Neither were the case.  They stayed put and were comfortable with easily accessible controls.  It was also easy to load up songs.  All loading was done through Windows Media Player and  dragging and dropping from my desktop.   Easy peasy.
The Walkman charges up quickly through USB and give you a 90 minute charge just after 2 minutes if you are in a rush.  There is plenty of room for your music with 2GB storage and another feature is that its sweat proof!

 Want to win a pair??  Sony sent me two additional players to give away!!
Here are the rules to the giveaway and as always post a separate comment for each thing that you do.  Each comment will count as an entry.  The winner will be chosen using a week from today on the 16th and I will announce the winner the day after.
  • Do you run with music?
  • Whats your favorite running song?
  • Blog, facebook, tweet, whatever but post a comment for each that you do.
  • follow this blog
  • follow me on facebook and say hello :)
Ramble on my friends.  I leave you with some Led Zepplin motivation.....

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