Sunday, May 2, 2010

Gray's Lake longish barefoot run.

Oh early mornings, I should try harder to be your friend but when its a choice between facing you or my nice warm bed snuggled beside 2 very warm little spawn.....
  A late start but a start none the less and out the door I went to Gray's lake for a longish run.  Eight loops around the lake equal 15.25 miles according to google earth.
I was not really "feeling it" today however it wasn't an epic inner battle either, just kind of "blah, lets just keep moving until its over" sort of run.
Beautiful morning!
  • I saw a man on a unicycle.
  • The people watching and conversation snippets I heard were amusing enough to make me hold back giggles until I had safely passed on numerous occasions.
  • It waited to rain and storm until a couple hours after I got home.
  • I felt really slow and sluggish yet was not doing the 12 mph it felt like but 10.8. I was trying hard not to push and just enjoy instead.
  • I ate 2 GUs and a pack of orange Clif Shot Blocks starting at mile 4 and then every other loop until I was done.  I also ate a banana in the car on the way to the lake. 
  • I felt short and then it occurred to me that everyone else has shoes on. 
  • The friendliest folks were the tattoo mama with the bright red headed boy, dreadlocks  guy and the special needs trio and their SCL aid that thought my barefeet were a riot and very cool!
  • I could not help myself and ran splashing through the water where it is flooded over the walk each time I passed on my loops.  The feeling is amazing and rejuvenating  until you are on the other side and every single little pebble sticks to my wet feet and I have to run through the grass for a few steps to brush them off. Totally worth it though despite the evil pebbles.
  • I splashed through the water seconds after a mother told her kids to stay out of the water. I felt kind of bad for them and I heard them go "aaaawwww" as I passed by.
  • I saw a Rhodesian Ridgeback, a Standard Poodle, a Shiba Inu, a Siberian Husky, a very fat Pug and a very fat Boston Terrier and loads of little tiny dogs with shirts on.
  I have a sore right heel and have felt this before yet on my left foot. I don't think its anything to worry about and will go away soon. I think its over stretching from the hills yesterday.
I have been watching the two latest episodes of Doctor Who and reading race reports during my breaks from programming on Jupiter's dynavox communication device.

I am at 398.88 miles so far this year. I am only off by a couple for my goal to still get 100 for April even though it was a rough start to the month with the dear one being gone the first week and a half.  Its an awesome feeling to see those numbers shoot up after a long run!
Happy running!

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