Friday, October 14, 2011

GU and Road ID Giveaway!

  I have been working with Outside PR for over a year now and have reviewed many different products that they do PR work for.
Road ID and GU have been my favorites so far.   Road ID has become a part of our whole families lives.

My son Jupiter, who has autism, has it in his community living plan to put his Road ID on before he goes out with the girls that come to work with him.  His  ID states that he has autism and uses an iPod to communicate.
This is fantastic!   Any communication help that beautiful boy can get makes me happy.

  My oldest son Samson has his Road ID sport on at all times.  He likes the way it looks so just keeps it on.  He is at the age when he goes out and explores on his own and it eases my mind that he has ID with him.

The wee spawn have Road ID elites and myself and the two younger fellas got to try the newest Road ID the  Slim.

 For kids a bit older, say maybe 7 or older would do well with the size small Slim Road ID.  I found with my youngest spawn that the size small was still a bit too big. 
For now we will continue to use the wrist ID Elite until they grow a bit more into the slims.

The Slims run $15.99 each.
The boys and I really love the colors and more bands are only $1 each so reasonably priced to have a collection of colors. 

I tried out a slim as well and chose a blue band.   The small is just a tad small on me however it does not slide around.  It would bug me if it did so it's a good fit.  My favorite is still the writes ID Elite.

Sport, Slim, and Elite
All three versions are quite comfortable and I have been happy with them all so its just a matter of picking a favorite.   
The Slim can be used on any cause band that you have so mixing it up is super easy.  I have some favorite Autism Awareness bands that I put it on.

I am loving caffeine free GU these days.  Caffeine is a great tool and one I still use but for the most part I don't need nor want caffeine every time I need to fuel.
 Would you like to eat Junior Mints while running?  Chocolate Mint GU is what you want!  I also love Pineapple Roctane, and Lemon Sublime.  As the name suggests it is sublime!!

This giveaway is for a $35 gift card for Road ID and a mix of caffeine free GUs as well as a 10 pack of your choice in GU flavor!  I would suggest checking out the Chocolate Raspberry Roctane.  Totally rocks!

Here are the rules:
As always, each comment is worth one entry in the giveaway so make sure and leave a separate comment for each thing that you do.  Its up to you as to how many you want to do.

  • What are your views on  wearing ID when you are out in the world?   Do you have ID for your children?
  • How do you fuel when active?  Do you use caffeine when you work out?
  • Whats your favorite GU flavor?
  • Follow this blog and if you already do leave a comment letting me know you do.
  • Tweet, blog, post a facebook status, email, sky write, ect.  Let me know in a seperate comment for each that you do.  You can do them multiple times if you wish.

This giveaway will run until Saturday October 22nd and the winner will be chosen randomly.  Now go out into cyberworld and spread the love!

Angie Bee
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