Saturday, October 8, 2011

Run Branca Perforated leather huarache sandal review

  My littlest spawn Archimedes and I have Wednesday afternoons to ourselves as everyone else is in school or therapy.  This last hump day we went to the Des Moines Art Center and hiked around the surrounding grounds.  Little Archimedes being only 3 and a half is often jealous of Milo and his climbing skills.  So Medes was stoked to find a tree that he could climb on his own.

My rule for climbing trees is that if you can't get yourself into the tree then you shouldn't be climbing it.  They often ask me to lift them up into the tree and this is my solution.  So its lovely when a tree is available for little Medes to climb.

  I wore a pair of perforated leather Branca Sandals.  The Branca line is fabulous!  They have sexy grommets on the sides and are super easy to tie.  Check out the review I did of the oil tanned leather version.
The perforated leather sandals are just shy of 4 ounces.  The oil tanned leather version is just over 6 ounces.  It sounds like such a small difference however it is huge when talking huaraches.


  This is what they have to say on the Branca site. I usually don't copy and paste from the companies page but it really does cover it all quite nicely as far as specs go.

"LIMITED EDITION! Only 30-40 will be manufactured! These Brancas are made from high quality perforated leather. The perforations allow for increased breathability, comfort, and grip between the foot and sandal. It is permanently adhered to a 5mm Vibram Newflex rubber sole. Vibram Newflex is the latest Vibram has to offer. It has the highest durability/weight ratio in its class. The rugged tread pattern allows for maximum traction. UV resistant elastic rubber heel straps provide a comfortable feel and a snug fit. These sandals weigh less than 5 oz. It has been said that these Brancas will be used for the next trip to the moon. So we hear..."

Christopher McDougall was spotted wearing a pair of Brancas at the Barefoot Run in NYC.  I recognized the sexy gromets on the sides of the sandals when watching a video of him speaking!

  There are a huge number of lace colors to choose from.  I am not as big of a fan of these particular laces however on the upside they go with everything!  Besides I would have chosen the same old boring black or blue and these are rather schmancy!  

 The laces on both my Branca sandals stay tied and the sandals hold their tension once I get them tied.  
The grounds of Greenwood park and the Des Moines Art Center grounds are full of rose gardens, a pond, forest, large art installations, hills to climb up and run down, and very old Oak trees shaded the area.

  In Celtic Mythology Oak trees are said to be the tree of doors.  They are believed to be gateways between worlds or a place where portals could be erected.   In Norse Mythology the Oak was sacred to the Thunder God Thor.   mmmmmm  Thor!    It was a mixed terrain and lovely setting to be hanging out with my wee spawn.

  Some debris would get caught between my sandal and my feet but not anything atypical of a sandal when worn on sandy and gravely paths.  The sandal is thin enough to feel everything one steps on yet buffer the foot as to not feel the same pain when stepping on sharp objects.

  This time of year the squirrels conspire against barefoot runners and leave the ultimate barefooter's nemesis scattered about.  Yep, I am talking broken acorns.   Oak trees are useful and majestic.  They take decades of growth before producing acorns.  Oak wood is prized for making barrels for wine and brandy among many other uses.  Japanese oak is used in making the professional brand Yamaha Drums. They choose oak wood above others because it gives the drums a brighter and louder tone compared to other woods.

  It's yin and yang.  You have the lovely setting and yet the gorgeous trees and squirells make it a dangerous path to walk.  The Branca sandals stayed on my feet and yet let me feel the ground without getting hurt and look good while doing it. What more could one want.

  Thanks Branca for sending the sandals for me to check out.  They have replaced my flip flops and have become my go-to shoe this summer and fall.


Suz and Allan said...

These look great and so lightweight!

I ran a 15K this morning and we had a barefoot runner in the group. It made me think of you guys!

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

Great review. Even with shoes on acorns are no fun on my down hills! ;-)

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