Saturday, October 15, 2011

Cold weather barefoot running

  It's beautiful here today in Des Moines Iowa however the leaves falling like rain in the cool autumn breeze are urging me to consider colder darker days ahead.
Vitamin D and winter lights are in my winter survival tool kit. To maximize the light exposure I want to keep running outside as long as I can and would prefer to do it barefoot.
Here are some tips to keep those piggies warm as the mercury drops.

  • Drink some hot liquid before heading out however caffeine restricts blood flow to legs and feet so try some hot apple cider.
  • Head out with hands and feet that are already warm.
  • Take a handheld bottle filled with hot apple cider with you.  It will keep your hands warm as well as keeping your core warm.  To make it even better add some salt balance salt to it as well as some cinnamon for added circulatory support.
  • Keep your core warm.  Wear a thin sweat wicking layer as your base and then add layers.  Its better to have too much and take some off.  Being sweaty and then getting cold is bad news so the sweat wicking material is crucial.
  • Keep your hands and head warm.  Wear a hat and gloves and even try some hand warmers.  You place one in your gloves and it keeps your hands warm for hours.  You can put them in your shoes too if its cold enough to need minimal shoes.
  • I so want a knit beard.  The universe is cruel to leave out the ladies in the beard growing options.  My face gets painfully cold in the winter.  So at least wear a scarf of gator for your face.
  • Stash some salty potato soup in a thermos along your path.  It will give you energy and warmth.
  • KEEP MOVING!!  When you stop is when you get cold so keep that hot blood pumping!
  • If it gets really cold and you need to protect your feet, try wool socks with duct tape around the balls and heel of your foot.  It won't last long but you can add more.  Jaymon did this for most of last winter.
  • Huaraches with wool toe socks are a great option and you can get some rad toe socks with fab colors.
  • If you do choose minimal shoes  try water shoes with wool socks.  I like the Teva Proton's as well as the Sockwa Amphibians.
  • I am excited to try the Neo Trails this winter.  They are trail shoes with fabulous lugs on them but I think will do very well in snow and on ice.
  • Try taking Niacin.  Our local Des Moines Icon Forey Jacobson runs the Living History Farms XC race in November in a loin cloth.  He says he takes niacin right before heading out to run.  Niacin is a B-Vitamin.

Niacin containing foods
Vegemite has Niacin. YUM!!
Sweet potatoes contain niacin and 5 hour energy does help although expensive so maybe a B-Complex instead.

What are your tips and tricks for staying warm in the winter?

Angie Bee


misszippy said...

These are all good tips and did not know about the niacin! Interesting. I'm fairly lucky b/c I tend to just "run warm" so it never gets too unbearable for me.

Abby said...

I live in central Ohio, so this is a constant issue. If it's cold but dry, I can wear water shoes with wool socks. It's usually cold and wet, though, so then I put on a pair of Seal Skinz over my wool socks. Someone also suggested kayak socks, but I haven't tried them. I'm always on a budget so when what I have is working, I don't try something new.

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