Tuesday, December 21, 2010

working on 2011 goals and blogs

  Last year I made a goal to blog at least once a week.  So here I am!  I am not going to let that goal go to hell this close to the end of the year!
My creativity goes in spurts and I find being concise difficult at best most days.
Lately it has not been for lack of material to blog about but the time and ability to break the thoughts down into manageable portions that can be regurgitated here.

  I am thinking about how I love shoes....(does that surprise you??).... and yet being barefoot is the ideal accessory for running.   Shoes are a tool and when I find the ones that meet my needs both in use as well as aesthetics they make me happy!.....That thought is not complete as the words don't convey exactly what I mean.  Maybe they never do but its been invigorating to discuss it with my better half.  This is just fodder for a half written post for in the future.  See what I mean about being concise?

  The list of goals for 2011 are rounding out nicely.  Its become a balance of exercise, creativity, personal growth, and they all compliment each other in that they will make me a better person as a whole as I work on them.
  People have inspired me at just the right time lately!  When I needed inspiration it was there.  Maybe it was  that I was open to inspiration but not looking so hard that I missed it. I do know that my friends virtual or otherwise are people that make me think and dream and I am thankful for them.

  So, the goals are also balanced in that I have thought of them realistically and not set my sights so high that I am in fact setting myself up for failure in some other area of life.  For example, I want to run a faster marathon but to what costs?  If I make that sought after time, will I have lost time with my family or working on something else equally satisfying to meet that time goal on one race.   Or my yearly mileage.   It will be tough to get in the miles I want but not so tough that I will be a slave to it.  My time is very important to me.

  All of my goals are attainable yet not without work.  I will benefit from the work itself even if my goals are not met if other parts of life take precedence.  That is what I was looking for in making goals in the first place. Incentive, motivation, structure to my personal growth is what I need.

How are your New Years resolutions coming along?  Is this the first year you are setting some?  2010 was my first year of setting reasonable and attainable goals that I stuck with and I am pleased that I totally nailed it!!

What would you do differently in 2011?

Happy Solstice to all of you!  The days will be getting longer and that reality makes the beginning of winter manageable in my mind.

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