Friday, September 3, 2010

Four Things Friday

  1. I love to run barefoot with my big ol sexy man in his kilt.   We ran some hills today.  It was about 3.25 miles and I felt like I had so much more to give.  He had a cramp in his hamstring though so he ran some flatter areas and I finished up to make the 3.25.  I have been running in the cemetery for a couple of years now so I think my hamstring and quad ratio are pretty balanced to run those hills often.  Its funny how I started out with dirty feet from being a perpetual flip flop wearer and I then run  a few miles and my feet are cleaned by the roads like a pumice stone.
  2. I am off to Cedar Rapids very early tomorrow morning to do a nuun sampling in the morning and then spread some nuun love at the New Bohemian Half Marathon packet pickup.  The race director is a fellow barefoot/minimalist shoe runner that I met at the Runners World Barefoot Forum last year.   I will work another grocery store sampling and then on Sunday its the race and then one last grocery store sampling before I head home.  Not as long of a weekend as last but very full. I really do love my job and I am so thankful to have a partner in child raising that is able to parent our children in my absence instead of having  to do child care.
  3. Autumn has arrived. Its bittersweet with the sun going down earlier.  My favorite times to run are in the evenings during the long balmy summer.   It will be sad to see that go but the cool weather is nice.  Our paved bike trail is pretty covered with leaves now.  Its a little scary to run on the unknown and I have to work to relax more. The leaves cover up the acorns shells that the squirrels drop and little pebbles too.
  4. My oldest son Samson has been hanging out at the state fair grounds not far from our house.  He has been teaching himself to play Ukulele and has a few songs he knows.  He takes his Uke and plays at the fair grounds and has made $16. in the last two days as well as scored food and a frisby.  My little beatnik son is having a great time meeting people and becoming so independent.  His wandering music playing and this time of year makes me want to read Dharma Bums again.  
  I have been very busy scheduling work trips and with school stuff for Jupiter that I have been falling increasingly farther behind on my reviews of products and keeping up with my bloggie friends.  I lurk more than I comment and I hope to change that in short order and get caught up on what everyone is up to.  There are big trips and races coming up that I am eager to read race reports and see pictures from!!
Everyone have a wonderful long weekend and run happy!

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