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  I am still a barefooter however have morphed and branched out to be more of a hiker and yogi.  Due Multiple Sclerosis and Adrenal Fatigue I have had to let go of the distance miles.  I am always up for chatting about barefoot running and to help you start out!  Barefoot training is good for all sports, not just running!

   I love to coach.  Runners are fabulous people and I enjoy working with them! I also know what makes for a good running shoe, when the terrain or weather dictates the use of shoes. 

For those still interested in my previous barefoot running adventures, below are some links.

  I was featured in the booksRun Barefoot Run Healthy: Less Pain More Gain For Runners Over 30  and Heart and Sole: How 26 Ran A Marathon (And You Can, Too)

Run Barefoot Girl interview  This was really fun to talk to Caity.  I sort of forgot I was being recorded a few times so if I sound like a rube, just smile and nod your head!

Guest Post on Walk a Mile in My Boots

Womens Adventure Magazine Spring 2011 page 26

Barefoot Angie Bee Run Like A Mother Feature  This came after I read the book Run Like A Mother.  I was very honored to be asked to be featured on the website.

Barefoot Runners Society Member profile of the week The Barefoot Runners Society morphed out of the RW barefoot running forum.  This amazing community's founders and contributers are virtual friends of whom have helped me and inspired me from the very beginning of my own barefoot journey.

The Living Barefoot Show interview  The Living Barefoot Show has interviewed many a running celebrity and it still alludes me as to why they asked me.  It was a fun interview with Tina Dubois.

This Mother Can Run Nov/Dec issue pg.17  Amazing online magazine that I am proud to be a part of.  Its geared for running mothers and the post used was one that I had written as it struck me as being relevant that day.  Nannette asked if she could use it for that issue.

NY Times article November 2010 This just has cool factor written all over it!

Melinda Neely's Finding Life's Secret Sauce
Guest blog post on Melinda Neely's Finding Life's Secret Sauce part deux

Mutual of Omaha Aha Moment   I was terrified to do this.  I then watch it after getting the link about three weeks later and realize that I still did well even though I thought I sounded like an idiot.  It gave me much confidence in later endeavors.
This is a compilation of the posts my husband has written.  He is a genius.

The Soleus

Races for me are at way to keep up motivation.    They keep me consistently moving forward and the atmosphere is always exciting.  I have met both shod and barefoot runners at races that have become good friends.  Here are links to my race reports to date.

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