Saturday, September 26, 2009

Capital Pursuit 5k

I went to the Raccoon River Brewery on Friday and signed up for the Capital Pursuit 5k. Not a long run but I am going to run fast! I waited until almost the last minute to sign up since I had been feeling like I was getting sick off and on all week. I never did get terribly ill but did not want to waste money on a race I was too sick to show up for. I feel pretty good today and was working on my speed on the treadmill this week. I am not doing anything in particular to get ready just hanging out and resting. Purposefully being a couch potato and I was due for a relaxing day regardless.
I am a  little nervous about the attention the barefoot running might bring and waffling between feeling fierce and shy. I think Fierce will definitely win out in the morning.It will be strange to wander out of my bubble for a while. It will be a great start at racing as a barefoot runner and the Des Moines half marathon is just around the corner!

Wish me luck! Race report to come tomorrow.

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