Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Easter Seals Walk With Me 5k race report! I ran with love.

  Tonight I ran a very very hot 5k for the Easter Seals Walk With Me 5k and walk.  It was hot. Very very hot.
I ran barefoot of course.  About half mile into the race I hit a patch of very slick slime covered sidewalk and flood water and both my feet went out from under me and I smacked down square on my back.  Some fella behind me pulled me up and I brushed it off and kept going. Luckily I didn't hurt myself. I haven't ate it like that in 20 years or more. Weird.  Every time I saw water on the path I ran in the very muddy grass. Thank the running gods that I prayed to fervently there were no stickers or thorns.

It was hot and I had already ran close to six miles this morning. That was hot too! I had to stay focused on conserving energy through relaxing the muscles that don't need to be tense and having good and efficient form.

Then I came upon the gravel.  Its been raining here every night and we have had some flooding.  There was gravel on the entire back side of the loop we were running around the lake from being washed onto the path from the heavy rains.  Slow and steady with a light step kept me focused.  My feet felt great but it did slow me down.

  Because the 5k and entire event had to change locations at the last minute due to previously mentioned flood water the running route was impromptu.  I was supposed to go around the lake  twice keeping to the left until the end and then going right to head back to the start. Of course I flippin  got lost.HAHAHAHA! Who gets lost on a 5k..I kept going left instead of going right to head back to the start.  I had never been here before and should have paid more attention to where we started from!  I felt ok but I can tell my iron levels are not quite back up to snuff.  All in all it was a good run.

I ran for my son Jupiter. He has autism. He goes to Easter Seals Camp Sunnyside and camp respite weekends during the school year.  He loves it there and they love him.  I didn't run fast nor did I feel good and even after getting lost, I  ran with love and I brushed off the crazy setbacks and just kept going. You do that when you love someone.

 Thank you again to all of you who supported us!  My father and oldest son did the walk and had a great time and my husband brought the other 3 boys and had a fantastic time running around the camp!
Thanks to Easter Seals Camp Sunnyside for hosting a lovely event!! Can't wait for next year!
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