Monday, November 23, 2009

Living History Farms XC race delight and road trip tomorrow.

I am still basking in the bliss of running a really fun race! It was foggy and muddy and lots of crazy crazy people dressed up in costume running with me.

I have been jotting down notes so I don't forget some of the details but I want to wait to write a more comprehensive report when I can post some of the race photos when they come out later this week.

I ran in the Teva Proton 4 water shoes that I wrote about in my last blog and I duct taped them to my feet so the mud and its evil shoe sucking plan would be thwarted and it worked like a charm. aaaaahhh duct tape is my friend!

I did not run as fast as I had planned to. Good lord it was a hard race!  The ravines and mud and creek crossings and not to mention the hills truly kicked my arse and made me incredibly stoked to get out there again next year to try again!

Here is a link to some photos from the Des Moines Register.
I don't want to repeat myself too much when I write a report later so I will just say that I was dubious and nervous in the days preceding the race but as soon as I got through the horrid traffic I was pleasantly surprised by the fun atmosphere. Its definitely a buddy race so next year someone is getting muddy with me! I have already slyly worked the guilt angle on Jaymon and I am holding out hope that he will run with me!

Here is a shot of me after I got home from the race. It does not show the amount of mud I had covering me or the shivering I was doing but my oldest son Sam was a trooper and kindly took a few photos out in the cold for me.

Later that afternoon the family and I went hiking on some trails that Jaymon was excited to show me after my enthusiasm for trail racing after the race.

I was tired but it felt really good to be out in the gorgeous fall weather with my favorite people.

Samson is at the very top then Milo and little Archimedes are not far behind working really hard to keep up.

My partner in crime and his mini me spawn, Archimedes.

It was a relaxing end to an awesome day!

Tomorrow we embark on a road trip to Stown for turkey day.  Jupiter is having issues with school and therapy, which is fodder for many a blog entry, so he is getting a break for a week and we are heading out to see family and probably eat too much.

It tend to be about 10 degrees warmer there so maybe I will get in some long barefoot runs to make up the difference!

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