Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Greys Anatomy, a 14 footer, and Day 205 of #handstand365

  Greys Anatomy has saved me from some unpleasant MS bullshit, nine seasons so far.  I have learned that distraction is key to sanity when dealing with MS especially when its hard to get inspired to make changes or the fatigue is just too much.   It was Northern Exposure for a while and of course Doctor Who and Star Trek.    The shows have to be engaging enough to make me forget that I feel like crap so that I can actually rest when I am trying to rest.   Trying to rest and just getting more tired from stress is just pointless so in comes a good distraction.  Netflix, I love you. 

  Thankfully I am feeling better after having a cold and my period on top of the MS symptoms and Greys Anatomy has gotten me through it.  Of course I got food made, and laundry done, and two of the four off to school everyday,  and reading done with the wee fellas, but other than that I was sapped of all will to do anything else other than maintenance and getting by without sinking into depression.

  I think that my turn around came from getting up and doing some yoga even when I didn't feel like it.  Just a few, or even just one, Sun Salutation does amazing things to me.   My practice has been uninspired since the move but now I need it so the upside to feeling like crap is a desperation for the movement and breathing of yoga.  I trust the yoga to work and have yet to be shown differently. 

  Oh, and the cabbage soup the superhero made me eat had magic in it I'm sure. 

Day 205 of #handstand365
  We went out on the spit today looking for a driftwood log for our monkey rings and yoga swing we want in the living room.  We found a 14 foot log that is PERFECT!  I can't wait to have my rings and swing back.  My 7 year old, Milo, also needs it.  He can concentrate on his school work better when he gets breaks where he can move his body.   We also got a wonderful dose of sunshine and fresh salty air!

  We found the perfect log and another piece for a bench.  We saw two otters, loons, and seals.  Pretty awesome day.  The log on top of the van is just the way we roll. 

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