Saturday, February 18, 2012

Spiral love at the Botanical Center

  For three years now I have gone to the Botanical Center, here in Des Moines, to an expo with vendors and companies from the area that offer services for those with special needs.  We met new people and saw old friends today and then afterwards we explored the Botanical Center.  The only thing that would have made the Botanical Center even more amazing was if it would have been freezing outside and then we would have come in from the cold to the tropical goodness and sneered out at the cold winter weather outdoors.   Alas it was pretty nice outside so no sneering was done today.

  Not long ago Jaymon discovered Vihart on Youtube when he was doing homeschool stuff with Sam. As a side note Vihart will be working at Kahn Academy now which is also pretty cool. She is amazing and talks in this quirky fast style that accentuates the coolness of the subject but also makes me want the details of what she is saying to stick in my brain as fast as she says them.

  I adored this video about spirals and now I can't help  but look for them everywhere.

This tree grows in a spiral shape.

  The way these flower petals lay look spirally to me.  I went around taking pictures with my iPhone of all the spirals I could find and there were far too many to post in one blog.

  And if you want to really geek out,  here is a picture of spirals and triangles!


Janice said...

Good to see you back at blogging. Missed you!

Kathy said...

Very cool!!

Lisa@RunWiki said...

I love this!! I love spirals and my keychain is a Pibonacci spiral. I am such a geek lover and lover.

Anonymous said...

Vihart is awesome. Love your real life spirals.

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