Thursday, February 9, 2012

Persnickety monkeys

When I was pregnant with Archimedes over four years ago and just having moved to Des Moines, I wrote this post to MySpace and found it written out in an old notebook tonight. I grabbed the notebook to tear out a page as a quick bookmark for Tales of EarthSea that I am reading now.

This prose was from a challenge to use particular words together although I don't remember which ones specifically.

A plethora of persnickety monkeys pondered antiestablishmentarianism at a perpendicularly placed buffet table that was elaborately decorated with glistening pomegranate propaganda and accented by cornucopia of melancholy chrysanthemums.

Their roguish banter was exacerbated by raspberry rippel and magnolia tiramisu as well as the appetizers of pumpernickel bread and cheese logs.

Location:Des Moines Iowa

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