Monday, August 23, 2010

Huge Urban Assault and New Belgium Brewery gear giveaway for 5 winners!

 his giveaway is closed!  Thanks for participating!

 Hanging with 680 very inebriated bike riders drinking New Belgium Beer in the sun after a crazy bike ride  is how I spent my afternoon yesterday. Keeping them hydrated with nuun while listening to a sweet Blue Grass band overlooking beautiful downtown Des Moines and trying really hard not to sneeze so hard my head explodes!

The folks who ran the Urban Assault were awesome and Mullets bar has such a fantastic location! I have a bunch of swag to give away that Stacy from New Belgium gave me to share with you!
 It was interesting to see some of the bike culture here in Des Moines.

   So, Urban Assault is a scavenger hunt sort of ride put on by New Belgium Breweries. Beer and Bikes pretty much sums it up.  There are 13 Urban Assault rides through out the country and Des Moines came in , so far, second with 680 participants behind Austins 1500 riders.  There are 2 more to come so check out their page for dates and sign up for Chicago and Madison left this season!

Here is the view from the balcony of Mullets and you can see the stage and a wave of cyclists setting out on their adventure.
Lots and lots of beer!  There were a few kilts their too, Sport Kilts even!! Nice choice you hot kilt wearin fellas!   I have a Sport Kilt review in the works since Jaymon and I have been able to run in our together again.

Keg bike!  And in the background is the band.  
I wish I could remember the name of the band......

The highlights of my day were the band, being outside although the heat sapped the life out of me, and a little bee.  I had a bee in my hair and I felt this tickle on the back of my neck so without thinking I reached up to get it out and it buzzed and stung my finger.  My heart started pounding immediately and  it occurred to me that going into anaphylactic shock would not be wise when the only people around are 700 really really drunk people.   Luckily I had chatted with the local Fire Departments medic that was on site earlier and knew who to look for if my tongue started to swell.   
I admit I am a bit of a hypochondriac but my dad had adult onset bee allergy and since I had not been stung since I was a kid, I have been nervous as to what would happen.
Lo and behold it made me feel fantastic.  Maybe it was the residual high from the adrenalin or maybe it really was the bee venom but it made me feel awesome! I iced my finger since it was a bit painful at the site but no swelling and the ice helped immediately.  I think being a bee keeper should be in my future.  Sorry little bee but thanks for your sweet donation! 
Talking about sweet donations, Stacy hooked us up with Urban Assault and New Belgium gear.  There will be 5 winners!!  

The first package will be an Urban Assault t-shirt in size medium, a set of Velcro straps for keeping your pants out of your bike chain, some New Belgium orange chap-stick which is yummy btw! A few bike patch kits some I heart bikes pins, stickers and a postcard.

The second package is a draw string Urban Assault back pack, an UA water bottle, a bike bell!!!!! some chapstick, stickers, I heart bikes pins, bike patch kits, velcro straps for keeping pant legs out of chains,  and a post card!

Three more people will get this! A New Belgium orange peel chapstick, some bike patch kits, stickers, and I heart bikes pins!
The giveaway will run until Monday August 30th and I will announce the winners on the 31st!
Leave a comment for each thing that you do since I will be choosing winners using so every comment is an entry! (you don't have to do all of them, just as many times as you want to spend the time doing and entries you want!)
  • Be a follower of this blog and let me know you do so in a comment
  • tell me if you want the t-shirt package or the bag package.
  • do you ride a bike often? Is it a big part of your life?
  • Do you wear a Road ID ?
  • what is the bike culture like in your neck of the woods?  Do you have paved paths to ride on?
  • How do you think we could make biking safer in our culture since it is greener and should be done more.
  • blog, facebook, twitter, ect. and tell me you did each time you do in a comment

Hope you all had a fun weekend!
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