Saturday, October 22, 2011

Barefoot and minimal shoe running composite video

  I played around today with the high speed camera and had my superhero hubby run the camera for me.
This is a composite video of running barefoot and with shoes.  I carried a metronome set at 180.
The separate videos are also posted to my Youtube account if you would like to look at them.
The shoes are the VIVOBAREFOOT Lucy Lites.

  Barefoot is an opportunity to perfect your running skill.

 I haven't run for a while so this is after doing a few posture and rhythm drills to get my groove on.  I could pick apart my form of course but overall its not too shabby.

Here is a link to my post on barefoot running coaching with an old photo of my running form.

  I like how I am able to maintain the same form both barefoot and in minimal shoes.  Lucy Lite review to come in the near future!

Cheers my friends!
Angie Bee

p.s. Tina, my dear, feel free to be honest ;)


Barefoot_Chiropractor said...

Cool stuff, Angie! Looks pretty close to same form on each. Do you feel any difference between the two? It looks like you land just ever so slightly lighter barefoot, but it could just be a trick of the camera.

Unknown said...

I don't think I can help but to land lighter barefoot. it feels great in shoes now compared to the way I used to run in shoes. now when I have to run in shoes I don't dread it. I know I can still enjoy myself and not hurt myself even though it's not preferred.

Unknown said...

I use the open source free software Kinovea for editing and watching my video on frame by frame. it's amazing especially for sports video.

Ludo said...

Great form Angie Bee!
You look more athletic and it seems like you turned on your "body elastic mechanism".
It seems that you kick back your heels pretty high; is it normal?

Unknown said...

I have a hard time not kicking them back so high when I am going slow. The faster I go the higher they get but doing a slow 180 cadence and it's hard to keep them lower. There is a sweet spot speed and that was a little slow for it. Something for me to practice :)

RunToTheFinish said...

i did link you up in my barefoot book review, hope that was ok :)

I still really want to try barefoot, but I swear there is nothing but POO and PEE on all miami streets. it's gross right, but people don't clean up after their 6,000 dogs.

Hetty said...

I am fairly certain I look like your before pic (probably worse). I wish there was a barefoot coach around here because I can't really think of a way to fix poor form by myself. I really want to be able to run without pain.

Unknown said...

I love being linked up Amanda!

Unknown said...

I offer virtual coaching where we do everything through video, email, and Skype if needed! Email me if you would be interested in some coaching!
Angiebeehotz at gmail dot com

Ludo said...

Another question for you Angie :-)

What about lifting the feet/knees?
Coach Orson and BF Ken Bob are in favor of that.
Is Vivobarefoot/Saxby's method different for that matter?

Btw, I think that your form is superb.

I am just trying to understand and digest of I can find on the net.

.... maybe it's my problem... too much thinking/analyzing ;-)

Unknown said...

I try and focus more on firing my hamstrings and keeping my feet landing beneath my center of gravity instead of lifting my knees.

Tina said...

My dear friend Angie,
Here is my honest assessment on your barefoot and minimalist form: You appear more comfortable in the video with the shoes (was it taken after the barefoot videos?) Your posture looks straight (although a little tense) and possibly leaned back a little bit. This may be a result of running downhill or lifting from the hip flexor (I have the same problem on occasion). Can't tell which in the video. Your hands are very tense (I think this may be because you haven't run for a while and you're being videoed :) ). You are landing very well under your centre of gravity and your trail leg is VERY close. I'd say you're lifting your trail leg a little high for this speed and running would be more comfortable if you were going faster. You are landing in the middle of your forefoot (which is WAY better than what we were doing back in May). I can't tell how long your contact time with the ground is (no fps rate), but it looks short from what I can tell. My recommendations for improvement would be to either run faster or pull up less with your trail leg and relax (although, as you know, that will come with experience and confidence). Overall, BEAUTIFUL form (with a little tension).
Luv ya and miss ya,

The Green Girl said...

Aw, I'm so glad you found a shoe that is working for you, girl. ::hugs::

April said...

I am totally intrigued by barefoot running...I have never thought I could do it...but I am thankful for people like you who make the information and real life experience available...thanks!

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