Thursday, October 20, 2011

Sanuk Sidewalk Surfer shoe review

Pronounced Sa-nook.

The name is from the Thai word for fun and the shoes 
are as much about funk as they are about function!

   I chose to try out the  Donna style in fiesta and cream.
They weigh in at 4.5 ounces although it surprised me that they weigh even that.
Sanuk Sidewalk surfers are like flip flops without the flip and flop.  They are incredibly comfortable walking shoes.  I also wear them in the house and when I am using the desktop computer.  I have a standing desk and rarely sit at the computer these days.   The Sanuks provide just enough cushion to give my feet a break standing so much.

Sanuk has womens, mens, and kids versions that are all very similar in style.  
The kids style has some velcro for easy off and on and gender neutral patterns.
The mens go from size 7 to size 14 and they also have a big and tall version that is size 16 and 17.
The Sidewalk Surfers run in whole sizes.  I am typically a size 10.5 but I chose the size 10 and they fit great. The womens go up to size 11 for us Peggy Hill types!    I think a size larger would be too big.   They do stretch a bit but being a fabric upper they don't have elastic to hold them on so keep that in mind when sizing.

The sidewalk surfers have a molded EVA footbed with an antimicrobial additive.  These have just enough squishyness to make a long day of walking very comfortable and yet your foot still works and moves the way it is meant to with a wide toe box and zero drop.  

These have become my fall go to shoes since its a bit chilly for sandals now.   
I like my casual shoes to be zero drop with a wide toe box and a minimal design.  These are the same requirements for running shoe I have as well.  Its become more of a lifestyle choice.

I really like the look of the Chill versions.  They have faux shearling liner that looks fab for cooler weather.  
The other pairs I love are the "I'm Game" in Giraffe print and the Pocket Fleece. 
All of the Sidewalk Surfers accept for the Standard Streakers are Vegan  and Vegetarian.

The women's Sidewalk Surfers run from $50 and $68 depending on the style.  Most of the styles are in the low $50s.  


run4may said...

love them. they look so cute on you.

Al Scott said...

Thanks for bringing these cool shoes to my attention! Even found out they are available here in Germany at several online retailers, too!

Barefoot greetings from (cold) Germany!


Iris said...

I love Sanuks—so comfy and cool looking, and not crazy expensive. That stripey pair you've got on is totally up my alley. Cute!

Ali Mc said...

This is ALL my husband wears in the summer :D love them

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