Wednesday, April 6, 2011

CEP Compression 3/4 length tights

  Its funny how clothing and gear fits people so differently.  I originally tried the CEP Compression shorts and was not a fan. I know another blogger that seemed to like hers.   I do however adore my compression socks by CEP Compression so decided that the shorts may not fit my particular body.   I was offered to try the new design or try the 3/4 length tights.  I jumped on the opportunity to try the tights.

When I wore the shorts my knees felt left out.  With the tights I can wear my compression socks with them and have whole leg support.
  I have worn these on several runs now and felt the difference the day after my run having worn them to bed with my compression socks.  My legs felt fresh and the recovery time was drastically decreased.  This is music to a runners ears! 

  The waistband is very flexible and does not squeeze my belly.  Also notice how the butt and knees have areas to fit each unique individual. They are not restrictive at all  and yet simultaneously give a nice squeeze and support to my quads and hamstrings.  They passed my husbands cute butt test too!
 I want my clothing to look good but also aide in my movement and move with me.  Its unacceptable to hinder or restrict my movement.  These tights are fab in all aspects!  It seemed to work in my favor to have not liked the shorts since I would not have known about these.

  The fabric is  quite thin.  They layer well and wick away sweat and yet they helped keep me warm.  I have worn them under workout pants and jeans and felt great.  I have not worn them in the warmer weather yet however with the thin fabric and wicking properties I imagine they will work well.
You can choose a black and grey or a purple color (purple shown in the add below). 
 I chose the black and grey.

Here is the link to the CEP Compression websites FAQ page.
This is the review of the CEP Compression Socks that I did last summer.

While researching compression for this blog post I was reminded again about the risk of Deep Vein Thrombosis while flying.  So compression wear is not just for performance and recovery but for travel as well.
So what is Compression?
This is a great description of what compression gear does taken from the CEP site.

"When you walk your leg muscles help squeeze the veins and push blood towards the heart. There are one way valves in the veins that prevent reflux (back flow) or pooling of blood in the leg veins. Once someone has unnaturally stretched veins it can’t be changed but rather treated to prevent further damage. Graduated compression stockings squeeze tightest at the ankle and gradually decrease compression up the leg. This ensures you’re pushing blood from the bottom up back to the heart. In essence, compression helps the "pump” action of your muscles on the veins and also reduces the veins diameter allowing blood to flow quicker up towards the heart."

  As you can see from the ad below they are priced at $129.00.  Is this expensive?  For me it is.  I don't budget for things like this however after trying them its hard not to justify the cost based on having fresh feeling legs. I also like to wear compression gear when I am working long hours at expos and on my feet all day. That alone would make them worth the price for me.
 I would especially recommend them  for those that are running marathons or greater distances.  Also if you are an avid traveler these paired with the compression socks would be fantastic for keeping DVT at bay.

 Purchasing the CEP Compression 3/4 tights from the amazon link helps support Barefoot Angie!


Penny said...

Thanks for the review. I keep looking for the right compression shorts. I have more issues with my quads than I do with my calves on long runs. You are right they are pricey. The other thing you hit on is wearing them during the summer months. You thought they would breath well. I will check them out. I am looking for the shorter one tho.

Iris said...

Such a timely review! I'm very curious about this compression stuff and actually asked on Facebook today if there's any difference between $10 medical compression socks and $40 compression socks marketed to runners (besides the jazzy colors, of course!).

Might be worth trying while I'm running all these half marathons, but pricey compression wear would cut deep into my skort budget. I'm gonna need some serious convincing!

Kelsey: the Blonde Bullet said...

This was a GREAT review, and thanks for going into the basics of what compression actually does. I travel a lot for my work, and I'd like to start training for a marathon again, so I'm definitely going to save up after reading this review. Thank you!

Oh, and the clutch factor, is obviously because it passes the cute butt test :)

Head Case said...

No modelling shot? *pout* ;-)

JessiePants said...

This is a stellar review, thanks! 3/4 pants are about as daring as I get because I have yet to find shorts that I get along with. So, very much appreciated!

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