Monday, May 17, 2010

Oh sweet compression socks let me count the ways...

Yesterday after my 23 mile barefoot run I put on my groovy lime green compression socks.
I wear them at night and have had them on today as well.
Aside from the science behind compression, I really like the way they hug my legs.  They feel good to wear and they don't all.  As you can see in the photos below I feel peppy and strong after my long run and I think much of it has to do with these socks.

Last week I received 2 pairs of compression gear  generously given to me by CEP Compresssion.
I chose the lime green socks and the white compression sleeves.
  I started wearing the compression sleeves after shorter runs last week and like the compression on my calves and the freedom of my feet combined. 
  I think it will be great to wear the sleeves on barefoot runs and the socks for recovery. You cold wear your favorite socks with the sleeves for added support to go with your style!
Here are some significant points from CEP Compression website that I found most interesting. There are several videos as well so definitely go over and check out their site which by the way is not just for runners but for all athletes.

How does CEP Speed Recovery?
Recovery is essential before any athlete can perform at the top of their game. With CEP compression sportsocks athletes receive GRADUATEDmedical grade compression. This compressionis highest at the ankle – then it gradually decreases as the sock goes up the leg. The result is a reduction in vein diameter that pushes de-oxygenated blood, lactic acid and other waste back to the heart for re-circulation. Benefits include a speedier recovery and improved muscle response.


  • Transport de- oxygenated blood from extremities back to the heart.
  • Veins in your legs have the greatest pressure at the ankle.
  • Veins help transport lactic acid & waste back to be re-circulated.

 In essence, compression helps the "pump” action of your muscles on the veins and also reduces the veins diameter allowing blood to flow quicker up towards the heart.

Check out this link  to read more at the What is Compression page.

So when do you wear them?  During training, racing and recovery. With increased arterial blood flow comes increased oxygen levels to the muscles. This will give you more power and heightened agility.

Compression sportsocks have tighter compression in the ankle and gradually decreasing compression as the sock/sleeve goes up the leg. This will prevent swelling and pooling of blood in the veins which carry all of your de-oxygenated blood back to the heart. This flushes lactic acid out of your legs quicker and increases oxygen to repair muscle fatigue.

Being a barefoot runner (and having been a shod runner so I have grounds for comparison) I have noticed that I use my ankles and calves much more then when I had shoes changing the mechanics of my running.
I don't think I have a longer recovery time in that area but the sensation of the muscles having been worked are more pronounced.  I can feel immediate relief from the discomfort when I wear my compression socks.
The day after my 23 mile barefoot run I feel like I could run again today. My legs feel fresh and strong.

Why CEP Compression Sportswear?
  • Medically proven sports compression made by the world leader in medical compression stockings and garments – medi in Bayreuth, Germany
  • CEP is the founder of real compression sportswear and will be the innovation leader
  • Increase athletes performance, running times and recovery
  • Alleviate injuries, shin splints, cramps, IT band issues and more
  • Compression is worn by some of the best endurance athletes in the world: Dave Scott, Matt Reed, Andy Potts, Chris McDonald, Timo Bracht
  • 30 Day no questions asked guarantee to your customers – CEP will improve their performance and increase recovery. – CEP is guaranteed!

 I have tried other recovery socks and these are holding their shape better for a longer time.  I also like the color. Now they just need to get some crazy blue ones!!! I will suggest that for sure! I also really like that they have a "how to put them on" video as well as PDF files as to how to wash and care for your socks.

I am going to incorporate CEP Compression socks into my routine and they seem to be a company that I can get behind.

Now some sillyness.  My boys, including the hubby, are quite good at getting me to act like a dork. They egg me on for sure!
Here I am in all my glory thanks to my oldest spawn and his photographic skills. He has skills like computer hacking skills, nun chuck skills...Napoleon Dynamite anyone?  
Here is the sexy look with the blinding glare from the front door wearing my favorite t-shirt and skirt.
AAAHH my legs feel strong like a tree trunk. Wish the shirt didn't make my belly look like that and my son would have been a few seconds more patient so he could have gotten the straight arms. I omitted the superwoman pose. It was just too much. hehe!
you get the picture right. I have more spunk post long run while wearing my sweet CEP Comression socks.
Just for the record. CEP Compression sent me the socks without charge and are not paying me to write a kind review. The opinions are my own.  Now go check them out!!


MCM Mama said...

Nice! I just bought some and wore them after the marathon. I also spent part of the time with a Recovery Sock on one leg and CEP on the other. I couldn't tell the difference, but it will be interesting to see how each pair holds up.

Liz Elindel said...

Awesome photos! I've been thinking about getting Recovery Socks for a while now, so your post really helped me. :D
I wanted to say thanks too for the handmade zipper pull! I put it on my workout bag. Good quote too!

L Finch

Teamarcia said...

Haha I'm wearing mine right now--but they're not cool lime green like yours darn it.
Let me know when they make leopard print socks and I will so be all over em!

Steel Springs said...

Great review. Thanks! I love the lime green socks. You're right that fun blue ones would also be awesome.

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

Those socks may just give you more spunk due to their lively happy color?! You look great!

S Club Mama said...

cool. do you think compression socks are necessary? I just don't want to spend money on something I don't NEED, you know?

ihaverun said...

Love the green. And I love my compression socks too, so much that it's time for a new pair. I'll check out CEP! And congrats on the 23 barefoot miles. Wow!

Unknown said...

S Club Mama,
I do not think they are necessary. I believe that there are other things you can do like ice baths but even that is not necessary.
I believe that your body will do what it needs to do to take care of itself. It is necessary to listen to your body and be honest with yourself. You may have to give it a little longer to recover though.

That being said, they are pretty nice! Its great that they offer a 30 day guarantee to give you time to decide.

EricaH said...

I am in love with my compression socks, but your lime green ones are much cooler than mine great pics.

Ewa said...

It looks they also help with yoga poses. I am sold.

KC (my 140 point 6 mile journey) said...

Fun pics! I like those compression socks. never tried that brand though. I have a pair of black oxy-sox and usually wear them after a long training run and especially after running a marathon.

Marlene said...

CEP sent me some sleeves & socks (I chose hot pink!) last week too. Perfect timing with my marathon on the weekend. This is a great review... I'll be posting mine soon.

Cute pics!

funderson said...

oooooooooooo I like them!

Julie said...

Hi Angie,
Now those are some socks alright:) I have to purchase a pair! I really think that they could of helped me after so many long runs. Great have excellent balance:)

Erica said...

your pictures are awesome!

Emz said...

I must buy some.

I will never look as sweet as you in mine though. you are awesome!

KovasP said...

Angie, those are some great photos! Compression sleeves are definitely one of the next pieces of gear on my purchase list.

Jimmy Hart said...

love those socks! the brighter the better and those are awesome.

Unknown said...

I think I'm going to have to start looking for Compression Socks online. The ones that I see in the stores are so ugly, but those were cute!

ShellBell said...

Love the pics! You look adorable. I like huggy things too. I may have to check these out.

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