Monday, April 4, 2011

Most excellent barefoot run!

  It has been long time coming to have a run go as well as todays.   I ran nine barefoot miles with my big sexy husband.  I finally accept and remembered that I need to fuel at about 4 to 5 miles if I am going to be running over 7.  There is no sense in trying to push through a wall especially when running with a partner.  My feet felt great and only one tiny hot spot from sprinting.

 As we rounded a bend into a residential area we came upon a speed reader....of course we had to see if it would measure our speed.  The first pass at our casual pace was 6 mph and you have to run right at the machine and then swerve when you see a works!  My second try was 10 and that was so not good enough.  I thought I would go for 11 but I got 12 instead.  FUN STUFF!

  Jaymon led us off road and I braved it barefoot.  I did not want to turn around.  I would just be careful and hope that Gaia would be kind to my feet.  The dry grass is pokey but we ended up on some horse paths and it really was lovely.

 Check out those clouds!  The wind was intense but it was not cold enough to offset the heat produced from running.  We both felt fast and healthy today.   My sweet spot comes around 7 miles and even though it starts to hurt it doesn't matter.  I accept it and just keep going with a smile on my face.

  Its nice not to have to contend with traffic as the path leads behind the houses.   I was surprised that I felt as good as I did having worked all weekend at the Natural Living Expo running the nuun booth.  Seems as though a run is just what I needed to get my energy back!  Not just physically but emotionally as well.  All of me needed to remember that I can run.  I can run well and I love it!

  My soon to be five year old spawn, Milo, is going to run his first race on Saturday!  I just signed him up for the Loop the Lake Little Lakers Race.  Milo was born on my birthday five years ago this Friday.  I am going to take him to his first race Saturday morning at Grays Lake.  I think we are going to have lots of fun!
Here's to a good week!
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