Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wednesday catch up~ marathon, the zoo, miles, and more.

"I hope that my child looks back on today
and remembers a mother who had time to play

There will be years for cleaning and cooking
but children grow up when we are not looking

Cleaning and scrubbing can wait for tomorrow
for children grow up, as I'll learn to my sorrow

So, settle down cobwebs! Dust, go to sleep!
I'm rocking my baby and babies don't keep"
  A friend of mine who worked with my son Jupiter at Camp Sunnyside posted the above the other day on facebook.  I have heard it before and I don't know where it comes from but it rings true.  I often remind myself that as an old woman I will long for the mundane or the disgusting or the annoying parts of child rearing just to have a glimpse of the good ol' days again when the kids were small and mine still.  

Yesterday we went to the zoo and enjoyed the lovely fall weather. We meandered and played.  I let a bull lick the salt from my hand and I laughed at Archimedes discovering that large birds can be pinchy!  He never did let the goose eat out of his hand again but watching me feed the goose and throwing food at it made him laugh! We also stood in awe of the beauty of a round bellied pregnant giraffe whose baby we could see rolling around in her belly while she snacked on some alfalfa.

  In the evening, I ran 6 miles in 55 minutes with negative splits in the park and hung with my oldest Sam while he ran a barefoot mile. After that run I am now at 804 miles for the year.  I think that I need to make time each week for a long run of 20 or more.  An ultra running super hero friend of mine does this and I think she is definitely on to something as she is preparing to run the Northcoast 24 hour endurance race this weekend!   She is also the race director for the Mind The Ducks 12 hour timed race in May.  I so want to run this race!  I have been looking into train travel and have lovely daydreams of riding the train, running for 12 hours with friends and then riding the train home as I rest.   Anyone want to sponsor that???

  No work for me this weekend so it will be the farmers market and a very long run.  I am so looking forward to it!  Next week will be full of work with training and then working the Quad Cities Marathon for 3 days.

  The Des Moines marathon is quickly approaching but I am not nervous about it one bit.  I have made my peace with having fun with that race since I will be tired from working the expo the days leading up to the race and really can't expect much as far as times go.

  Sometimes I shine the brightest under fatigue and stress but I am going to just see how it goes. I will finish because I started it and be happy with crossing that line with my bare feet. After that will be the Living History Farms Race.  I an not however running that one barefoot but in minimal shoes. Its crazy cross country and not barefoot friendly, at least not for me!

Big things are afoot (hahahaha) and I am excited for the future(keep your fingers crossed and I will announce if I know more next week, cryptic yes, fun stuff!) and dare I say it looking forward to winter. I am looking forward to lifting weights and running on the treadmill and not being super busy for a while although I know I will be bitching about the weather come  February.


KovasP said...

So cool you could see the baby giraffe move. Enjoy the beautiful weather while you can.

Andrew Opala said...

we only have so many days in our lives - who knows where we are to spend them and with whom?

... the heart knows

great post!

Neil Zee said...

As always, you rock!

Emz said...

Angie - I love that poem. So true.

I printed it and put it right next to my computer. I NEED to read that daily.

You are awesome.

Jill said...

You're going to have a blast at the marathon. And nothing wrong with being nervous, I think having pre-race nerves is the respect we pay to the race it so deserves. But if you don't, that's good too :).

track coach and adorable wife said...

I love that poem, thanks for sharing! Sometimes I get so caught up researching or reading how to play with, teach, rehab my son I forget to just be with my son!

Ewa said...

I miss those days when my boy, not so little one was discovering the world and everything was new.

I know what your are going to be doing in February, not bitching but running barefoot in the snow. You are one wonderfully crazy lady.

I love the quote. Now I have a great excuse for why my house looks the way it does. :)

misszippy said...

I've heard that one before too. Good timing...I was just tearing up a bit yesterday at how little time I have left with my kids being young and innocent. Always important to enjoy the time with them!

Sounds like a great weekend ahead--enjoy it!

Unknown said...

This summer I have been missing those days of childhood SO much. We are pretty much past them, and it came clear to me when I was spending time organizing my photos this past month. It seems like those photos were so NOW, and now it's past. You are blessed to have the insight to know to hold on to them and cherish the moments.

Julie said...

Hi Angie Bee,
Just today my little guy wanted to paly a game and my first reaction was....oh my gosh, I have so much laundry, cleaning and shopping to do. I looked around my messy house and said, what the hell, let's play a game:) We had a blast! They are only little once and when they are gone and out of the house...then my house will be clean:) I love that poem!

I have a 16 miler scheduled for this weekend and am looking forward to it too. I think that you are doing a fantastic job with your training. You will do great at your marathon! Take care Angie:)

trailmomma said...

Oy I cringe at the thought of a bird eating out of my hand! HA

Goodlook at your up coming races!

I also agree that some day we'll look back and remember these amazing times with our kids.

Makes me happy that I have this blog to go back and remember it all!

Molly said...

Your train ride idea sounds like a great one!

thank you for your comments on my marathon posts....and honestly, I thought of you in the first couple of rainy miles, and your treadmill marathon. I found my pace, and wanted to just stick to it the whole way. I can't believe my race is already over!!!

Anne said...

My kids are adults now. Interestingly, in my dreams they are often young children. It does go by quickly...enjoy every moment!

Loved the video :)

Teamarcia said...

So so true, the days of limitless play with the kiddos are fleeting. Time flies all too fast.

Anonymous said...

Love that quote. Makes me feel better about the cleanliness (or lack of) my house!

The train travel idea sounds like a great one to me!

shel said...

i love that poem, i am definitely one that needs to take it to heart. i had about a zillion hits on my blog, and i couldn't figure out why for the life of me, then i figured you must've given me a shout out. thanks so much angie!
you are going to rock that marathon, it is not even worth troubling yourself with. if you can run 26.2 on the dreadedmill, you'll be an all star at the race. run happy!

shel said...

oh, and i'm sure if we put our head's together, we'll find a way for you to get on that train!

Johann said...

Nice post! It's so important not to forget the really important things in our lives.

Melinda said...

What a wonderful poem! Though I often pinch myself to appreciate the special moments I get to share with my six-year old, I also get too caught up in cooking dinner, doing chores, cleaning the house, etc. This is a nice reminder.

Looking forward to following your marathon race journey.

The Boring Runner said...

I am soooo jealous of the DSM Marathon. I know quite a few people running it. I'll tell them to be on the lookout for you!

chris mcpeake said...

great post .. good luck with the upcoming marathon

Liz said...

I got your package. Thank you so much! My husband and son are loving it all. My son has taken all the flat tins and started stashing things in them, along with the bike bell. He's in love with it. I think we're going to get him a little tricycle for his upcoming birthday and attach it.
Again, thanks. My boys think I'm the coolest wife and mom ever. :)

KC (my 140 point 6 mile journey) said...

Good luck with the marathon! Enjoy it! By the way, love the aha moment video a lot. Good stuff!

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