Monday, April 5, 2010

nuun review and giveaway, Mojo and Time management

  I think I finally got my mojo back!  Over the weekend I tried some gluten free bread that tastes wonderful but it made me very cranky and depressed. So no bread for me. My gluten intolerance symptoms are more behavioral than purely physical in that I don't suffer intestinal distress from eating offending foods but feel very short of temper to say the least!
  So after I got that out of my system and taking a day or two to just let it all go and think for a while, I feel much better! I took a hard look at my priorities and basic needs and how to get them met most efficiently. I looked at what was important right now given my current circumstances and why it was important. How do I become content in the midst of chaos......

  I decided that one of the big culprits to my stress is poor time management. That may sound absurd to most since I am single parenting my 4 boys right now and the hubs won't be home for a few more days and what is time management when there is no extra time to manage.  Indeed I do have free time. "Free" is not the appropriate word however.  Comprimisable time might  be a better choice of words.... (please tell me if you can think of a better word!!)  I have to feed and bathe and do all the motherly stuff but the floor being vacuumed can be put off while I run for 3 miles on the treadmill and then I will see where I stand with time and it may or may not get done today but I will sure be a better mommy for having run those 3 miles.  No mindless time killing internet surfing when there are two books on my desk to read and review or food to prepare. I always feel good when cooking. 
  Some things just are not very important with all things considered and an immaculate house is one of them and long runs too for now.

  I need to get in 114 miles in the next 4 weeks to stay on track with my running goals. Actually that keeps me ahead but I think that 100 miles a month is just right. (All are barefoot, even on the treadmill,  unless on trails that are not barefoot friendly. My feet are well conditioned and I don't think I have lost any conditioning over the winter)
I have to run 28.5 miles a week for the next 4 weeks to be at 400 miles by the end of April.  That seems doable to me when its broken down like that.

  The P90x is going well and I am on for Plyometrics tonight and I squeezed in 3 miles while the kids were eating lunch earlier today.  I am liking the idea of fitting in the miles where I can.  For added motivation I signed up for my first 5k at the beginning of May.  I have a score to settle with this race. I want to place in my age group!  Its a small race and I missed it by 1 place last year and that was without much training. This year I will run till I puke if thats what it takes!!  Its funny how that thought scares me.  I know I have so much in me, gusto not vomit, but I scare myself when I think of letting it out. 

  The amount of comprimisable time I have alloted to blogging is almost to an end so on to the review and giveaway!

  I won a nuun giveaway a while back and have enjoyed the bottle and nuun tabs very much. It has become my favorite hydration drink. I contacted the wonderful people at nuun and they sent me a kit to host my own giveway for you! 
I have used my nuun on several long runs and never felt like hydration was an issue while drinking it. I felt balanced and it was easy to get down when I didn't think I would be able to put anything in my mouth around 18 miles or so.

   I also found it made me feel good in the morning if I woke up feeling drained and dry from a workout the previous night.  Its nice because it has less than 5 calories per 16 oz so it makes it easy to keep track of calories while exercising and eating.  It doesn't upset my stomach or leave a funky taste in my mouth.  It seemed to help keep my phlegm level down and for this habitual running spitter that really is nice!
  The flavor is light and refreshing and not at all overwhelming like hatorade and I have only drank that diluted with water and its still too sweet.
nuun focuses on hydration only. There are no carbs or caffeine. They use Sorbitol to sweeten and has  a subtle flavor that enhances the water without being overpowering.
The tabs dissolve quickly with  a bit of fizzyness that disappears after the tab has dissolved.  nuun is also Gluten free and Vegan! 
I have the Triberry, Citrus and Lemon+Lime.  I think I like the berry best  however was surprised at how much I liked each of them.
A lightweight nuun tube provides 1.5 gallons of electrolyte hydration. There are twelve nuuns per tube. One nuun creates a 16oz electrolyte drink (and can easily be broken in half for 8oz).
Here is the link to their faq page.  I would like to mention too that they're convenient packaging is light and portable and reduces plastic bottle waste since you put it in your reusable bottle. 

IThe giveaway includes a 16 oz BPA free plastic bottle, 3 tubes of nuun tabs.  There is a tube of Tri-Berry, Banananuun, and a large tube of lemon+lime. I also have a pair of nuun defeet aireator socks in size small. They are way too small for these Peggy Hill dogs but I am sure someone else would love them!

There are several ways to enter the giveaway. You may do one or all or several of some depending on how badly you want to win.
  1. Become a follower of my little ol' blog. (THIS ONE IS MANDATORY!!)
  2. ship me 2 vials of your blood and a hair sample...kidding kidding,  tweet about this giveaway and comment that you did so.
  3. post this giveaway on your own blog and leave a link to your blog when you comment.
  4. post to facebook and comment that you did so....see a pattern here...
  5. write me a poem about your sport***. Haiku, limerick, prose, whatever just be creative. That will get you 5 entries so make sure you leave 5 comments including the poem so when I do to determine the winner your entries will be counted! 
  6. I might send you a surprise if your poem is exceptional :)
Make sure you leave a comment each time you do one of these things above. 
The giveaway will run until 11:11  p.m. on Sunday the 11th of this beautiful month of April.

***if you run and don't race, doesn't matter you are still an athlete and running is your sport. Same goes for any other thing you do with passion that wears you out and is good for the bod! I am sure someone will think that reaching for a beer multiple times in an hour is sport. It does work the arms, no?

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