Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Where does she come from and nuun and SPIbelt winners!

  Being a barefoot runner I have learned that my quiet footfalls are not enough to alert others of my presence when I come up behind them.  I try and make some noise like cough or clear my throat and yet I still manage to scare the crap out of people just about every time. 
The tables were turned when Jaymon and I were snuck up on by the stealth cyclist the last two times we have ran on our favorite trail together. The first time he was saying something about a big cock. I don't remember the exact conversation but I do remember it was funny and as soon as the word cock came out of his mouth, BAM! Stealthy short haired, big smiling cyclist was there.  We snickered profusely of course and when we got to our turnaround she was there adjusting her bike or whatnot and asked about our barefoot running.  

  Yesterday when we were running again on our favorite trail, thinking we were completely alone, I rip a big fart that just had to come out and BAM!  There she is again.  No sound, no warning, she just appears and says "hey! Its the barefoot runners!".......ugh. She is probably thinking "oh look the barefoot gassy lady and her nut job foot taping husband".   Ah well, we scared a pack of teens the other night twice and laughed about it so I guess it was just Karma although not sure for whom. Could be her or ours depending on the perspective. Now I can empathize even more deeply with those that we come across and scare the bajesus out of. Yeah we laugh a lot together!

Jaymon  broken new mileage ground the run before last and wanted to run again last night yet had some tender spots on his feet so he duct taped them (seriously you can use duct tape for anything) and ran 2.5 miles with me.  I run in my Proton water shoes when my feet are tender. He on the other hand is too frugal for that and probably better off for it since his solution is a more minimal one.
The duct tape and gauze skills will continue to be worked on of course. 
He is such a good sport for taking photos with me. He is not a poser, more of a capture the moment sort of dude.
Alright kids, I suppose I should finally get to it. The three winners,chosen with,  of my Barefoot Anniversary nuun and SPIbelt giveaway are as follows 
#1 winner for the SPIbelt , 3 tubes of nuun and water bottle is lucky #245 curlyj @ Will Run For Cupcakes!
#2 winner for 3 tubes of nuun and a water bottle is lucky #115  Kovas @ Midwest Multisport Life.
#3 winner for 3 tubes of nuun and a water bottle is lucky #21 Erika @  MCM Mama!
I will email all of you to get details as to where to send your goodies.
Thank you everyone for entering and welcome new friends!
Thanks to nuun and SPIbelt for sponsoring this giveaway and don't worry people, there will be more to come but until next time, run happy my friends!


Molly said...

HA! Great story! Congrats to the winners!

misszippy said...

Love the new header--looks great. And hey, duct tape IS good for everything, so why not feet?

congrats to the winners

RunToTheFinish said...

Cool new pic!!

Mcm is on a roll lately, I need some of her Mojo

Tricia said...

love the new header pic!

Maggs said...

Great story!

Laura said...

haha love the part about the biker coming up just as you farted :)
And I really like the new look on the blog!

MCM Mama said...

Your blog looks great!

Love the duct tape - maybe that's the answer to my pavement running LOL.

Jill said...

I love your new profile header picture, very fitting!! And I love the duct tape....I always knew it could be used for anything but never on feet til the other day my son put it on his blister...and now you!! :)

Marny said...

HAHA! I am cracking up about the stealthy cyclist!

Patrick Mahoney said...

New layout looks great. And maybe this is TMI but I fart less now that I am hooked on Nuun.

KovasP said...

Love sneaking up on people, especially on trails. Even though I'm a big, lumbering beast, it appears that I must run silently, because I often surprise people. I'm excited to try the nuun.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately I am not yet silent when it comes to the barefoot arts. Someday maybe!

HaloJen said...

Yeah! So happy to hear I won the giveaway! What's even better is that today is my birthday! The big 4-0!! I will run a barefoot mile in your honor today, AngieB! Thank you!!!!

HaloJen said...

BTW - I am totally impressed that you talked about duct tape and farts in one blog post!

Emz said...

omg love the fart story. I'm a sucker for a good fart story.

LOVE the new header.

Julie said...

Hi Angie Bee,
First of all, I love the new set up of your blog:) I love the background and the picture of you is awesome!

Congrats to all of your winners!

Anonymous said...

Creative use of duct tape- amazing! It must be great to run like a ninja.

Congrats winners!

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