Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Test it Tuesday.

 I have been so fortunate to try out a huge amount of new things over the last couple of months.
I would like to let you in on the sweet finds so you might want to check them out too.
So in no particular order I will begin with the Sugoi Moxie Running Skirt.

I have become a bit of a skirt addict. I love that they are cute and sassy yet functional.  Its hard to wear a dress or skirt while mothering 4 boys. My crazy husband likes to pick me up and twirl me around every which way in just about every place we go. There is no flashing the monkey in public in a running skirt!

 Devon over at Outside PR sent me a lime green size medium Sugoi Moxie skirt to try out.  I wore it around for a day or so and then did some yoga in it and loved the fit and the color. I think the zippered back pocket is quite clever and  I like the green color although would love the blue I think more.   Here is the product description from the Sugoi website.
The "Moxie Skirt brings energy and color to your fitness lifestyle. With a flattering waistband, boxer brief liner, and back zip pocket, the skirt moves easily from street to studio and back. Funky, and versatile, the Moxie Skirt is perfect for summer work-outs."
                                      Yep I have Moxie after doing some P90X Chest and Back!
I wore the moxie at the Dam to Dam 20k on Saturday and had no chafing issues and didn't have any issues with the way it fit or moved with my body and it was a rainy and sweaty day of which I was soaked for most of it! Despite the wet conditions the fabric breathed well.
 I did have issues getting the zippered pocket to zip with one hand. I had some shot blocks in my back pocket and wanted to zip it but couldn't do it with a handheld in one hand.  The shot blocks stayed in my pocket  though so it worked out.  The boxer brief liner is very comfortable. I like that they are not too long or too short. I liked it better than the Running Skirts smaller liner.  All in all, this is a fantastic skirt and would recommend it.   Not sure why running skirts have to be so expensive but comparatively its worth the money.

Next we have the SPIbelt!  I was sent a SPIbelt that I chose with the blue zipper as shown above.  I had no idea that this little belt would be so perfect for my runs! When I first received the belt I thought that it would be way to small to carry anything other than maybe a gel. I was so wrong!  I am able to comfortably carry my camera with me now, which is how I was able to take so many photos at the Dam to Dam race. Its easy to get the camera in and out of the belt and zipping was not a problem.
  I do have to carry my phone in my handheld's pocket since it does not fit in the pouch with my camera.  I can fit in 2 gels, a shot block pack  and my camera and it fits comfortably around my hips and believe it or not, it really does not bounce! I was so pleased with that realization when I first tested it out!  I admit, I did  not believe that it would stay put, but it did and even after taking it off and on, it still fit perfectly.  It is easy to take it off and put it back on quickly without a bunch of adjustment.

Here is the description from the SPIbelt website.
"Sleek, expandable, secure and does not bounce. Can hold an iPod™, Blackberry™, cell, keys, up to five GU™ packs, and other small personal items. The SPIbelt does not bounce, ride or shift while running or doing other activities.
The SPIbelt is great for athletic events, traveling, carrying diabetic supplies, and much more!"

 SPIbelts Energy belts have  a place to strap on some gels. This would be a great piece of gear for longer runs.
I used the race bib toggles and they worked very well although about half way through the race I ripped one side of  my bib's holes. I think it was me being clumsy and not an issue with the toggles. I like that I didn't have to poke holes in my shirt with the safety pins.   Check out the 13.1 belt as well as the 26.2 belt too!

Last but not least, for today anyways, I received a lovely necklace from Jacque at The Silver Maple
I chose the  blue  charm to go in my hand stamped sterling silver washer necklace. Run Like A Mother  is the perfect saying. It makes me feel confident as well as connected to all the other moms out there that torture themselves love to run. It also reminds me of the book Run Like A Mother that I love so much! I find the coppper and silver distressed look to be very appealing and would love a necklace with my boys and husbands name on it.
Here is what they say on the site about the gorgeous customizable jewelry.

"We use sterling silver and copper in our creations. Many of our pieces are hand-cut and filed from a sheet of metal, allowing us nearly endless possibilities in our designs. By hand, we stamp, distress, brush, and polish each piece to provide a subtle, organic look.
We use hand-made, vintage-inspired accent beads adding to the allure of your unique piece. Since these are hand-made and dependent on supply, availability does change.
Each letter is individually hand-stamped making every piece it's own unique creation. Since done by hand, letters will not be perfectly straight, adding to the appeal of a hand-stamped, hand-crafted piece.
If you don't see exactly what you are dreaming of, drop me an e-mail and we will work together to create your vision."

Jaqueline is a wife, a mother, a runner, a reader, a dreamer, a believer and she is the wonderful Silver Maple. She has a support crew of family full of artists and child wranglers to help her out on her journey.  I hope to do a giveaway of her work in the near future so go check out her site and start shopping and thinking now!!

I hope to do another Test It Tuesday next week as this is only a few of the things I would like to share about.
Cheers All and have a terrific tuesday!

***disclaimer: I was sent these products to try out for free and was not given them in exchange for a favorable review. The opinions are my own.****


Courtney said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the skirt!
But I'm with you - why do they have to be so expensive?

Momma Twitch said...

NICE STUFF!!! You look great afterr doing your P90X.

I've got a question for ya....how do you get them to send you stuff to try out? Email me and let me know pretty, pretty please with a cherry on top!! :)

MCM Mama said...

I love my SPIbelt too. I can fit my camera and my cell in, but they tend to accidentally push each other's buttons LOL.

Gorgeous necklace!

Unknown said...

I love Silver Maple Jewellery and have a running necklace on my wishlist.

kat said...

Love the skirt, you look great, have to agree with the expense don't see why they should cost so much, not so popular over in England so they work out even more than in the U.S.

Liked the look of the belt too, thanks for the reviews.

KC (my 140 point 6 mile journey) said...

Styin' and profilin' there Angie Bee! You're looking ripped!

funderson said...

I also love the skirts...
Do you read this guy? Seems like you might dig him...


Anonymous said...

Hey there! It's Devon :) This skirt is priced as it is because of the incredible fabric technology. Honestly, one would think that Sugoi is designing a space ship for the amount of research and development invested in their apparel. BUT DONT WORRY LADIES, CHECK BACK ON ANGIE'S BLOG FOR A SUGOI MOXIE GIVEAWAY! :)

Cheers, Devon @ OutsidePR

Anonymous said...

Hey there! It's Devon :) This skirt is priced as it is because of the incredible fabric technology. Honestly, one would think that Sugoi is designing a space ship for the amount of research and development invested in their apparel. BUT DONT WORRY LADIES, CHECK BACK ON ANGIE'S BLOG FOR A SUGOI MOXIE GIVEAWAY! :)

Cheers, Devon @ OutsidePR

OrangeBlossom said...

The skirt rocks! Why do running skirts have to be so much more expensive?

Do you do P90X everyday or just a few of the workouts during the week? Which ones do you like the best to help with running?

P90X yoga is my favorite for Fridays.

Patrick Mahoney said...

Man I wish they made better kit for dudes. Compression shorts, courtesy shorts, tech tee = boring. When you are accesorizing with just a Garmin there are issues...

AM! said...

the band on the skirt looks super comfortable;-)

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