Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I ran with my man!!!

Jaymon and I  decided out of nowhere to go for a run together!  He has been running barefoot on the treadmill for a while now and has a nice 3-4 mile base.  I grabbed my phone and Road ID, rocked some pigtails and we took off.
Of course on his first outside barefoot run with me we have to go around a train.  This road is brutal !  I am used to it and like it since I get to hop around and really have to concentrate on my foot falls but for a noobie, it must have hurt like mutha.  We doubled back a couple times on a paved road up ahead waiting for the train but decided to try a new route.
  We ran on a bike trail close to Pleasant Hill. I had only been on this one in the winter and fall and did not realize how lush and green it is. In many areas it was like running in a tree tunnel.  We dashed between shadows and did several fartleks that had us both huffing and puffing.  His comfortable pace is quite fast and although I can keep up I do have to work at it. It was so good for me!! I can be a lazy ass and meander along and my mind wanders. He pushed me and I think I pushed him to keep going  farther too.

I have told him a few times that I think running with a friend would be wonderful. He has disagreed and thought that it would add complexity and that paces would not match up.  It turns out that he runs faster which motivates me and pushes me since I can keep up but am just not inclined to run that pace on my own.  Its nice for him that he doesn't have to worry about me being able to keep up so he can relax and just run.

His form looked great although we had to walk home the last mile or so due to some calf tightening. Its great that he knew when it was time to stop pushing so hard.  We ran 4.62 miles. I wish that I would have looked at the time when we left but I just went out the door and didn't even think of it.  He thought maybe he was getting blisters yet when we got home and showered and looked, there were none to be seen!
I am so stoked that he wants to make this a regular thing for us!  I have been longing to run with someone for a while now and how cool that the hubby is barefoot too!
Here we are about a block from our house. He hates to pose for pics, but I am sure you can tell from the look of mere toleration on his mug!  (Hey brother of mine, do you remember that Pearl Jam t-shirt?)
So this makes a double for me!   I ran 7 this morning and then 4.62 with the hubby.  I am trying to cram a bunch of mile in the next few days before I work the Hy-Vee Triathlon spreading some nuun love. They are going to be some long hot days and I doubt I will have the energy to run and work even though it would be the best thing for stress busting.
Off to try and find Waynes World for the oldest spawn to watch. When walking back this evening, we were passed by a young hooligan jamming out to Bohemian Rhapsody. Seriously he was singing and headbanging, the whole bit. It made me laugh and want to share the craziness with the kid!
Cheers All !
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