Saturday, June 5, 2010

Dam to Dam barefoot 20k race report!

Four thirty in the morning is way to early to be doing anything other than sleeping next to two snuggly little boys. The thought that finally got my butt out of bed was that I could call runners that get up this early crazy on facebook. How funny and not at all surprising that after I posted that status and then checked again 25 or so minutes later that it had already been "liked" 3 times!
  Last night before I slept four and a half hours I piled up all my gear on my desk. I ended up leaving behind the sunglasses since it was raining and thunderstorms were predicted for the rest of the morning.  I had painted the piggies, put on my Dam to Dam tattoos tied on my timing chip and headed out the door !
 I didn't eat much last night. I ate quite a bit earlier in the day but stopped eating at about 6:00.  I also did not drink this morning until the race began so as not to have to need the potty's as much. Seemed to work out well and I stayed hydrated with my handheld full of nuun.
Here I am at 4:30 right after getting ready to rock the pigtails. No one was up to take a pic for me!
As I walked out the door to get in the car I could tell it was going to be an adventure. The rain soaked me pretty thoroughly before I made it to the car. It was raining with flashes of lightning in the distance. 
I grabbed a small handful of mint leaves from the garden. I read that peppermint is helpful for anxiety as well as tummy issues. A friend also recommended peppermint capsules however I never did make it to the health food store in time to get any and test them before the big day.
I parked on the street in the east village and walked to the convention center. Hoards of runners were coming from every direction to catch the  school buses up to the dam at Saylorville lake where the race starts. Its funny how a group of crazy adults start whooping and hollering as soon as the get on a school bus!
All 7,850 or so of us were lining the streets queuing up for the buses. The fleet of buses kept rolling around the corner. After we finally boarded one and were on our way I could see that many,  many people were still standing and waiting for their bus to stop and pick them up .
I laughed out loud at a man running behind one of the buses taking pictures of his friends in the back of the bus!
We arrived at the opposite end of the dam than last year. The wind was cold and blowing hard over the lake and pelting us with rain. We were walking to the start line and then going to run back across the dam at the start.  I thought the dam was gravel last year and was pleased to find that it was paved.  I rode the bus and talked with a girl from Iowa City. She ran Boston this year!   I wish we would have had more time to chat.
This man pretty much sums up the start of the race. It was cold, windy and wet.  Long lines at the porta potties and lots of people heading off into the bush to do their thing before the start.
If you look closely you can see the people stretched all the way down the dam. We made jokes about camping at the lake or at least going and begging for grilled campfire food for breakfast!
I walked along the gravel path that was muddy and wet quite a ways to get up to my time group. The runners, although soaked through didn't want to step in the muddy water.
Most people were nice about my unconventional  barefoot running although I think they either didn't care or didn't realize that I could hear their comments. A small group of guys behind me were going on and on about how crazy I was and blah blah blah. I was chuckling and getting annoyed at the same time and was debating turning around or loudly saying "Oi, Dude, I am right here, I can here you!!" but decided not to draw attention to their negativity and just speed up ahead so I couldn't hear them!
I love the above running shot.
I skipped all the water stops since I had my handheld. This strategy was excellent for me. I hate to spill water all over myself even if I am already soaking wet. Look at those troopers out there with their plastic bags on. Thank you volunteers!! You are the bees knees!
At about mile 6 I was approached by a guy who has ran 45 marathons. He was interested in barefoot running and asking all kinds of questions. He was telling me about his new job and planning to run his last marathon in Greece along the original marathon route and how excited he was for it. That's when the cramps started. I had not eaten anything and then took a GU at mile four. I also ate two shot blocks at mile two.  I was thinking I might have to find a porta potty and was looking around and when the cramps hit full force I had to find a place to stop. I told him good luck reluctantly as I very much enjoyed hearing him talk about his adventure however I had a fence to climb and some woods to visit to take care of a pressing matter....
Not more than a quarter of a mile ahead was a porta potty. Of course there was.  Ah well, it was fun channeling my inner tomboy and scaling that fence and tromping through the overgrown grass and trees looking for a safe place to pop-a-sqat.  (I chuckled earlier overhearing a lady say the same phrase at the start line when she didn't want to wait in line.)
We ran and ran out in the wide open spaces broken up by a turn or two and rural farm houses until we got closer to town. Amazing spectators were out there cheering us on. The road wound through residential areas and up and down two large hills. This was about when I came upon Forey, the barefoot loincloth guy. He runs the Living History Farms race in the fall in a loincloth and barefoot. It was fun to chat with him for a couple miles about barefoot running. Pretty sure we were the only two there today.
By the time I could see the city in the distance my legs were feeling uber heavy. My feet felt great but my legs were aching. My quads, calves, ass and back were just plain tired.  I considered another GU but didn't think it would kick in in time anyways so skipped it.
I could hear the drums up ahead and the crowds cheering.  
This awesome group of youngens danced and drummed us in to the finish! I could feel my cadence speed up and could not keep the smile from my face.
These are the crazy folks in front of me.
I took this after crossing the finish line and getting my shoelace cut off. I had tied a square not and need to think of a better knot to tie on my time chip next time that will be easy to untie in a hurry.
My feet held up very well dispite the wet conditions. I have two"hot spots" that are tender but no blisters. I saw a lady in front of me whose ankles were both bleeding through her socks from where the back of her shoes rubbed her raw. Poor girl. I bet there were many a blister today due to wet shoes.
Here are  my feet in all their dirty glory. They are pretty great feet that have not let me down yet. 
and here are the crazies behind me! Soaking wet, laughing that the sun came out at the finish line, glad to be done and wanting that medal of which I have not taken off all day other than to shower.
Passed by Captain Midnight on my way to find my drop bag with my flip flops stashed inside.
Its amazing how well organized the bags are. They are separated by race number and mine was super easy to find.
The lines for the bags stretched around two sides of a block and off into the park area by Nollen Plaza where I found my bag right on top.
Just about ready to head to the car. 
One of these races I will wait in line for the free massage.
Instead of a massage I went after these scrumptious looking nanners. I was battling with a very rumbly tummy!
There was also a beer, Smirnoff Ice, popsicles  and barbecue pulled pork sandwiches available. I settle for a banana being ready to get home and take a hot shower!
Here are some content and mellow runners milling around eating and drinking after the race.
One last picture before heading home. There were still people pouring through the finish line as I was leaving.
It was quite fun taking photos the whole day. 
I don't have the results yet as I am still waiting for them to be posted. I believe I came in right at 2 hours but I think that my chip time, hopefully, will be a little less.  I had a great time and I am glad I ran it again this year. It was a bit over a 25 minute PR from last years shod time. It is my one year barefoot anniversary race. Last year right after the race is when I decided to ditch the shoes!
I am excited about experimenting with mileage and nutrition over the next month or so  and not feeling the anxiety of a race for a while.
Hope you all had an excellent Saturday and I look forward to reading some race reports today!
Cheers All!


Ewa said...

So that's what you do with a timing chip.
Congratulations on a great barefoot race and PR too especially with a pit stop. Good it was not entirely city run. :)
Have a great rest of the weekend, you've earned it.

Anonymous said...

Great job!!!!!! Congrats on the race. I know how hard it is to get motivated that early, and while its raining! That offers more bragging rights!

keri said...

Awesome Job!! AND you have great feet.

ShellBell said...

Love all the pictures! I should have done the hopping the fence thing at my 25k thing but waited in line :( Next time!

You look so great! Glad you had a good race...Jason gets alot of those comments too and I wonder if they think barefoot=hard of hearing. Glad you showed them your tough girl and buzzed ahead!

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

Great report with awesome pictures!

I love your attitude about your finishing time. Usually (me included) everyone is all worried about exactly what the clock said as the finish. You are like, I can wait for the results. I wanna get home. I love it! Probably goes along with your confident personality.

Great race. Love the feet!

Lynette said...

Awesome race!

I wear a Road ID ankle band that I attach my chips to. Seems to work pretty well =)

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

Wow I love all the pictures and your outfit. I cant imagine the comments you would get and the questions... WOWZERS! CONGRATS

Junk Miler said...

I think you get your ninja mask after one year. That's awesome! Great race report. Glad the feet are in good shape. Sounds like you know what you're doing.

Stacie said...

Congrats!!!! That is amazing. Hopefully you get your PR. I ran a 5K today and am working on getting my race report done. Awesome job!!!!

Laura said...

Great job! I love all of the photos!

Gus Braveyard said...

A 25 minute PR?! Holy cannoli! Way to go. Great report, I dig following your bloggings.

BabyWeightMyFatAss said...

Congrats on your race today! A great race recap too!

Steel Springs said...

Great job! This is a fun recap. I love the pictures!

OrangeBlossom said...

Great job! Your race recap was fantastic! I don't know how you run that fast while taking pictures and a bathroom stop. You must have wings on your feet. =)

Patrick Mahoney said...

Oi, excellent race report and excellent race. I hope you smoked those dudes.

AM! said...

Happy 1year Barefoot Anniversary! That deserves it's own post!

you look so cute in all your race pics

Unknown said...

Great job on the race!

AshleyR said...

Great job! I'm in awe of you being able to run that far barefoot since I'm barely up to a mile blister free.

Look at all the bananas (fruit and human), it's been so long since I've done a race of that size. What a spread!

Jen said...

Wow... great race report. I love it and I love that you DID not say anything to the "boys" behind you.

shel said...

sounds like great fun angie! i like a small event, but those big races have their own appeal. definitely feels like a party.. there is this throw back to the younger days of being in a mosh pit at a concert and having the fleeting fear of possibly getting crushed!

misszippy said...

Way to go! You looked great and ran a fantastic race. 25 minute PR? HUGE! And happy barefoot anniversary.

Momma Twitch said...

That is SOOO awesome! You really inspire me. Maybe oneday I'll try barefoot running. ;) I love reading about your running barefoot...see what you saved yourself from...bloody feet cause of shoes.

KC (my 140 point 6 mile journey) said...

Sweet! A PR and by 25 minutes! Congrats on a well run race and your feet look beautiful. Happy 1 year barfoot anniversary too.

Molly said...

that did look like miserable weather at the start, love that that fellow runner is going to run the original marathon route in Greece. sorry about all the tummy trouble!

btw, I love Nuun! I know you're working with them now, I won a giveaway back in April, and use it now instead of my old standby, Powerade. I even converted a fellow neighbor/runner/friend.

have a great week!

MCM Mama said...

NIce job on the race! I thought of you Saturday night as I was walking back to the hotel barefoot. LOL

Paula (Adventure Junkie Mom) said...

Great post! Awesome job on your PR...and barefoot anniversary. Impressive. I cannot wait until I am finished with IM in 3 weeks, to start back onto my barefoot journey. Look forward to reading more of your Blog posts!!

Rad Runner said...

Holy smokes! Even in the rain you grabbed some amazing pics! Great job, looks like it was a load of fun!

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