Monday, May 31, 2010

Yep, pretty sure it was 10, a mostly dead scorpion and are you green?

Granted I was a bit tired from p90x and the 10 miles I ran yesterday but I got back out there again this morning to run another 10 and see about getting used to my new Soleus watch.  I learned that I did not get it all figured out before I left this morning so I reverted to my little colored pencil I found on the floor of the car and a very old candy wrapper for a tally marker for my laps.
 I am now pretty sure that yesterday I did in fact run 10 miles. I was slower today and stood and messed with the watch for a while however despite all that made pretty good time. A tiny bit under 10 minute miles. So yesterday with my rested legs did in fact run 10.
I seems hard to accept that my comfortable pace has gotten faster. It snuck up on me I guess.

The lake was uber busy and crowded this morning. On the first lap, I saw what I am pretty sure was a mostly dead scorpion on the sidewalk. I am not sure what the likelihood of seeing one in Iowa is though. It rained last night so lots of displaced critters. If it wasn't a scorpion then it was a very large spider that was....squished weird and mostly dead.  I wanted to stop and check it out but was stuck between walkers and a cyclist so thought I would just look on my next lap. I couldn't find it and even if I had  I would have either (a.) just hop over it and hope a dog or kid didn't get to it. (b.) find a stick to poke it off the path or (c.) flag down a shoe wearer and have them get rid of it.
You see, its not hard to avoid stepping on things when barefoot but if you want to stomp a scorpion, you might be kind of screwed!

  I saw two adorable Boston Terriers and a Bull dog. I still am amazed at how uncanny it is to see dogs and their families and how they always seem to resemble each other or certainly look like they belong together.
One of the Bostons "mommies" had square glasses and quite a square jaw.  The Bull dogs "mommy" and "daddy" were both short and rather round. So many happy looking people out walking their dogs and many mothers out with a kid or two in a stroller.  A mom and her daughter were singing silly songs as I passed them on the bridge. Made me smile.

As I was passing a group of three older gentlemen, I overheard them discussing climate change nuances. It made me think of the things we do in our household to lessen our impact. I do wish I had cloth diapered my children. I know that there is a water issue debate about it yet every time I throw away a diaper I think that my son's dukey laden diaper will be around far longer than he will from being buried in some landfill.

We do use cloth bags when we shop.  We have no qualms about hand me down clothes or my favorite, thrift store shopping. We recycle using Des Moines wonderful program. Why everyone here does not take part really annoys me. It doesn't  cost any  more than regular trash service to use the recycling program and you don't have to sort plastic, paper and glass. It all goes in the pretty blue bin and is sorted at the recycling facility. So it is sheer laziness and disregard that must be the reason.

  My dear and clever husband just started watering the garden with siphoned dish water. He does the dishes. Its his thing to do and he enjoys it. I do kid stuff. I have got it pretty good in the husband department!
 We have been discussing how to use bath water as well.  We also eat many whole foods so not a lot of waste from packaging.
We bury our kitchen waste in the back yard or put it in the compost bin. We have quite a bit of kitchen waste. Onion peels, orange peels  ect. that make our soil rich and nutrient dense.

Our two Ford Festivas that we drive get 42 mpg. Granted we drive 2 but there are at least half of our trips out that we only need to drive one.  There must be more that we can do.  It is work and takes some conscious effort.  Are you "green"? Is it something you have to work at or just part of your lifestyle?  Did you run on this fine day?  Notice anything while you were out?

Hope everyone is having a safe and relaxing Memorial Day.
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