Sunday, May 30, 2010

10 barefoot miles at Grays lake.....I think.

As the day goes by I am getting increasingly more irritated with myself.
                                                             I don't know how far I ran.
 Sometimes this is fine when I just want to run for the sake of it but I actually have a plan and some goals and this is feeling like I lost my keys or misplaced my backpack. I lost my numbers!
I think I did 5 laps around Grays Lake which would be 10 miles.  First off I started out feeling really good after taking 4 days off from running. Throughout the last week I still did Chest and Back,Plyometrics and Yoga as well as several times of Ab work but just was not feeling the running thing.
  I wore my new Soleus watch but never did figure out how to interpret the instructions that came with it so I just decided to wear it and see how it felt.Procrastinate much?  The watch was awesome btw! I quit wearing a watch a couple years ago which was extremely liberating and like the shoes will not go back unless I need to depending on the situation.

After the first lap I was thinking that I was going way faster than I thought I was. I was breathing hard for the first 3 laps however only took a mile to find my groove and I never felt the "Oh Goddess when will this be over" feeling.I kept thinking that when I relax and am not trying so hard I go faster. I was thinking that I wish I would have felt this good last weekend for the virtual run!
 I usually bring a little pencil and a scrap of paper to mark a line for each lap. I thought today since it was only 5 that I would remember.  BIG MISTAKE! I always second guess myself and lose my place. Hell, I could have 2 laps and loose count!  Here is another lesson that I just won't seem to learn!
So basically I was either running 9.3 minute miles for 10 or 11.62 minute miles for 8.  Neither one seems right. The thing is that it's a 2 mile loop so has to be one or the other.  I know that if I write down 10 miles that I have at least 2 miles banked from when  I have over estimated in the past, so I don't think that even if I am off that it will effect my overall mileage goals for the year.  I just need to pick one and go with it I guess. So here goes, I ran 10 miles and felt great. Now I am a chill girl again.

I am however going to figure out the bleeepin bleep dang watch!!
I did do the clever thing after I got home and found the easier to understand all in english version of the instructions online. I found out that I can program in my times so I don't have to wear a pace band and it will hold 50 laps to examine later.  I just want to be able to keep track of how many I do without feeling like a douche later when I loose track and can't remember!

The run was lovely dispite the ridiculousness of counting and it was good practice in the heat. I learned that I can make fast stops at my car for water if I try and also to take baby wipes with me since even though there are an adequate amount of restrooms on a route does not mean there will be paper too.
I saw three beautiful boxers, dogs not fighters, a deer and some geese with their teenage family. The younger ones looked to be at the cute stage where they are still fuzzy but big and awkward. I learned too that Yoga in the Park will start next weekend!!  I plan to start doing an early shorter run on Saturdays and then catch the Yoga class right after at 9:00.

 I wore my new SPIbelt. The folks at SPIbelt sent me one  to check out. I loved it!!! It held my camera and did not jiggle at all (I didn't take pictures though haha).  It was quite comfortable and didn't feel like it was cutting in to stay on. It is supposed to be worn on the hips and not around the waist. It also got to choose some toggle race bib holders. I don't have to put holes in my shirts now when I wear a race bib!  I was able to comfortably cram in 2 GUs and a pack of shot blocks as well as my camera. Its like the TARDIS, small on the outside and bigger on the inside. (any other Dr. Who fans out there??)

I am going to try it out in a race next Sunday.  The Dam to Dam 20k is coming up fast.  I have come to the point where I have done all the training I can for it and need to just accept that I am going to have a blast and run my best and there really isn't anything to worry about. Now just have to figure out how I am going to make it more than the first 2 miles before having to find a porta potty or some bushes!



You are killing me with those photos! I say go with 10 and call it a day!

Stacie said...

Great pics :) I'd go with 10 miles. I need to get one of those belt/race bib holders. I'm tired of putting holes in my shirts.

Good Luck at the Dam to Dam!!!

Alinda said...

I love the pictures. And I can completely relate to the frustration of losing count. I always go for the pessimistic number (to punish myself) but I think 10 miles sounds a lot more plausible that 8 in your case. Awesome job on getting those in!

Unknown said...

I do the pessimistic thing too as a rule but am thinking that maybe my comfortable pace may be getting faster and I did just have 4 days off.
I am working on figuring out the watch and going to try again tomorrow!! I have 7.5 to do but might just do 10 to see how it feels.

Junie B said...

just fyi on the spibelt. there will come a day when out of the blue the thing will start flopping a bit. the first time it happened to me i was confuzzled as to why. at a water stop i took it off and put it back on and it stopped flopping.

its random when it does it, very odd. but still looooooooooove my spibelt!

misszippy said...

When in doubt, round up!

Ewa said...

I am sure you ran 10.
I saw something like SPIbelt (TARDIS :) ) at BigSur Marathon expo but I thought things put in it would jiggle and drive me nuts. Glad you've tested it. This is something I will surely be looking into.

Unknown said...

Take the average of the 8 and 10; call it a 9. More math, I know, but, hey...

Laura said...

I love my spiBelt..
I totally zone out when I have to count laps etc. I need to spend the time to program my garmin with these kinds of workout.

Marlene said...

Hilarious pictures! I'd be so lost without my Garmin! I can't keep track of a few laps around the track.

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