Monday, May 10, 2010

Sweaty Bands Giveaway!!

This giveaway is closed!  Thanks for participating!
  I put on a Sweaty Band at about 9:00 Sunday morning. As I was preparing this blog at 10:30 Sunday night the band was still in place. It hadn't moved and was still comfortable. Throughout the day I ran 7 miles, gingerly changed my clothes so as to not mess up my hair, showered although obviously did not wash my hair, played with kids, and lived a busy life without a stray hair in my face!
  I have unruly and thick hair that I love and am thankful for however it is at a stage where it is hard to put up because it is too short and too long to leave down when I run.  So I rock pigtails and a headband often!
I have been using a cotton bandana ever since my glass blowing days but when Sweaty Bands sent me some bands to try I decided that the days of the slipping bandanas may be over.  Sweaty bands have a velvet underside that is key to it staying in place and a soft elastic that hugs but not too tight.  They come in all kinds of patterns and colors so there is something for anyone.
Sweaty bands sent me an extra pack to give away!

You will recieve one Chackra Dots in the wide style.

And a Do the Polka Dots  in Skinny Black and red

Here is how to enter to win a Two Pack of Sweaty Bands!
  • Follow my blog!  (this is the only mandatory entry, all others are for extra brownie points!)
  • Link up this giveaway to your own blog
  • Tweet, facebook, ect
  • (You don't have to answer all) Tell me what your hair is like. Do you like it? Would you change it if you could? I rocked a mohawk for a year and loved it. I then shaved it all off when I wanted to start over and it was one of the most liberating things I have ever done. The growing out phase....meh. Its had its ups and downs. Done anything crazy fun with your hair? Done something you regretted?  
  • This giveaway will end Friday May 14th and I will post the winner on Saturday.
    Here is my fauxhawk

    Here it is with it shaved on the sides. 

    Right before I posted this I remembered this photo!  Here I am with little Archimedes a few weeks after shaving my head after rockin the mohawk for a year!

    It was fun while it lasted but I am ready for a ponytail again!  I am not a high maintenance person when it comes to my hair, I just really want it out of my face!!

    Good luck on the contest and don't forget to check out my other giveaway!
    I am loving how many entries there are!!  I knew you wanted to know more about barefoot running!

    (Sweaty Bands sent me their product to try out for free. The review is my own.)
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