Tuesday, May 11, 2010

always something interesting on a run.

The morning was flying by and when the first spawn came staggering out with a sleepy smile I knew that I had to go now if I was going to run. I am such a procrastinator and it bugs me. I push until the last minute. The very last minute. I decided to take Milo with me and do some hills with the stroller.
It was cloudy and cold so I wore tights and shorts and a hoody that I ended up taking off at the base of the first hill.
  We were greeted at the cemetery by the Weed Eaters.  A landscaping company has a squadron of immigrant  workers that descend on the cemetery like a swarm of bees or maybe locust although the buzzing is reminiscent of bees.  It makes me feel agitated to hear that noise when I run but the smiles and the burning holes from their x-ray vision staring at my butt when I run by make up for it.  
 Those hills were hard today. I had to  stop and bend over twice and I had to mentally yell at myself several time, no many many times, to at least keep trotting along and not walk. I can rest while running but when I walk I start to cool down and stiffen up and it makes it harder even though my body screams to stop. I want to get at least 30 miles this week. Its only a little over 3 weeks until the Dam to Dam 20k.

  There was preparation for a burial today and there were three young Marines in dress uniform waiting and watching over the grave site.  They were bereaved but sure looked good doing it.  They were tall and broad and square of jaw......aahhemm. Back to my run...we saw flowers and burros. They were out grazing and made Milo very happy! I am uber sore from  P90x Yoga!  Everything hurt and it was awesome that I was able to hold all the poses longer so totally worth it!

I was sent an Invisible Shoe kit and am anxious to get my shoes made today! I am taking pictures to do a review in the near future. Have you entered my two giveaways?   They both end this weekend!  Learn about barefoot running in Jason Robillards The Barefoot Running Book and enter to win a copy here!
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