Sunday, May 9, 2010

5k race, Mothers Day, and half of a long run.

Edited to add results!!
Childserve race results!!  24:35 for a pace of 7:85!  58th overall runner out of close to 700 but all the numbers are not up yet. I was 5th in my age group and my good friend I ran with was 4th. I was 12th overall female!!  So happy with those results :)
Last year I ran the same race in shoes in 27:25 for an 8:50 pace!

  Today has been a lovely day. It has been like most all days in the Hotz/Bishop household.  Lots of playing and eating and fighting and crying, kissing booboos, climbing trees, watching shows online, relaxing, running, working on projects and lots of laughing.
  We don't celebrate holidays for the most part.  They are acknowledged but not much for gifts or parties unless its a bunch of flowers picked in the yard or a homemade card.  Not "doing" holidays makes it so much less stressful for me and everyday is wonderful and we celebrate all the time for no reason in particular.
The grandparents and aunts and uncles do holidays so the kids get presents in the mail and cards with cash which they love and is fun!  Hell my dad sends me birthday cash and I still think its great!  When I am older and my children have grown I will do more to send them cash and care packs ect for them and their children.
I used to think and feel the guilt and stress of holidays however its one of the things I have changed over the years and its been work but worth it.

So today I went for a 7.32 mile run as my Mother's day celebration. It was going to be a long run but was cut short. The route is a 1.22 mile loop around a lake not far from our house.  It was peaceful although a little too sunny.  I wasn't really feeling it so when I finally bargained with myself to make it to 7 miles I decided to honor that bargain and go home early.  The Vanilla Bean GU was like candy and the ducklings, goslings, turtles and the boy that caught a fish made it worth the effort.

Yesterday I ran the Childerve Run for the Kids 5k!!  I am quite happy with my results.  Last year I ran it after doing Roman Chair ab exercises that aggravated a umbilical hernia the night before so I didn't push hard at the race.  Never do new exercises the day or even the week before a race!!!!  So last years time 27:25 for an 8:50 pace.  This year was 24 something! They STILL don't have the results up so not sure on the exact time but I do remember seeing 24 as I came through the finish chute.  A PR works for me even if I don't know by how much!  I did not place though boooo!  The competition was much higher though. Last year there were about 200 runners and this year there were close to 700.  Seems like all the races around here are getting more and more entrants. Is it the same where you live too?
I ran the race with my friends Molly and Patty.   Childserve is what brought us together to be friends. We met in the therapy waiting room while waiting for our special needs spawn in therapy. Its been so awesome to have friends that know what its like to have a special needs child. The celebration of the little things and the heartache and frustration.  You can see our kiddo's names on our race bibs!!
This was Patty's first 5k! She had only trained on the treadmill and yet she had the guts to get out there and do it!!  Molly and I stuck together the whole way until when it happened......  I had a cramp in my gut that stopped me in  my tracks. I told her to go on ahead and I came along not long after.

 The finish line was in sight. It probably took 30 or so seconds off my time.   It was one of those things that I had no control over so I am only mildly upset about it and it didn't ruin the race for me.  Molly and I were working hard enough that there was no chit-chatting along the way just steady  huffing and puffing and an "are you ok"  and a "yeah" here and there.  I didn't sprint to the finish like I love to do but I gave it all I had so I am happy about my race!
   Awww My Sammy Spawn. You never cease to make me laugh.  I didn't know he made this face until I was editing photos later at home! I laughed out loud when I saw it!
 My oldest spawn wasn't feeling well yet decided to run the kids dash anyways. It was pretty crowded and he had to avoid smaller kiddos. He thought it was pretty cool that he felt better afterwards!  He asked me on the way home if I thought it would be cool if he ran a 5k.  I have a new found desire to do speed work and see if I can't get that 5k time down below 24.  My feet look and feel great! I was worried that I was tearing them up since they were numb from the cold and I was upping my cadence but didn't have the same sensory feedback I am used to when I can actually feel my feet! Not a scratch or a blister to be seen!

I have a Sweaty Band review and Giveaway coming up maybe tomorrow if I get to it.  
Happy Mothers Day to all you wonderful mothers and to the mothers of the wonderful people I know!
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