Saturday, February 15, 2014

Rest, love, and random wonderfulness from the week

   The momentum of the last few weeks has been intense.   I FEEL GREAT and I don't take that for granted, not even a little bit.  So, today I am working to rest with a sense of self love that is hard work for me.  I was up late not being able to fall asleep but comforted by The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.   Oh, how I want a longboard of my own!  There is a wonderful longboard scene in the movie that gets me every time!

loving yesterdays sunshine!
Today I am making sea glass jewelry and listening to music while the spawn play quietly on this rainy day.   Listening to the wonderful Secret Life of Walter Mitty soundtrack and drinking tea is making resting lovely instead of uncomfortable and irritating like it usually is.  

Music and tea make my world spin smoothly and don't let anyone fool you into thinking that rest isn't hard work!

  We celebrated a day of love yesterday and yet last week the Kansas legislature has a bill pending before the senate that would allow legal discrimination of LGBT people.  My father and his partner live in Kansas.   They have been together for 17 years.......17 years.   I lived in Kansas for a couple of decades before bailing on the midwest.

  This is my fathers Facebook post today.

"The Kansas legislature has a bill pending before the Senate which would allow legal discrimination of LGBT people. It will supposedly protect the "religious rights" of businesses and such. The KS House of Reps. has already passed the law. KS also has a ban on Marriage Equality. By the way; Doyle and I just celebrated our 17th Anniversary."

  It is crazy that we are not ruled by love.  All of us.  Someday we will be.  Someday. 

  Speaking of love, my little wee spawn, Archimedes, made this for me for Valentines day.  My spawn see how we love and hear us talk about everyone should be free to love whomever they want.  They are part of the change coming in the tomorrows ahead.   That makes me happy and hopeful. 

  This picture is perfection right down to the blue clothing I'm wearing and he and I holding hands.  This makes my heart all gooey.    This week has been all kinds of warm fuzzy feelings from so many angles.   That can be tiring too although I am not complaining but I am reminding myself to stay mellow and not get intense about things at either end of the spectrum.   Conserving energy in this time of change for us is key. 

  Like I said, this week has been full of brilliance.  I would like to share this Link love!  

17 Things the Princess Bride taught me about autism parenting.  

  As an autism parent and long time Princess Bride fan, I can say that this is indeed brilliant.  Full of life lessons for all of us and not just for parents of special needs kids.  

  This week I finished Flight Behavior by Barbara Kingsolver.   I have been a fan of hers for many years with The Lacuna and Poisonwood Bible being my favorites.  This is the first non SciFi  book I have read in a while.  It was a nice change of pace. 

  What are you reading?   How has your week been?   

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