Monday, February 10, 2014

Be Here NOW giveaway!

Be Here Now. 

We rush through our days.   All of us do it.  We have busy adventurous, eventful, sometimes stressful, and over booked days.  I need a reminder to appreciate now.  Sometimes I have a hard time appreciating it but to notice it and get in touch with myself for just an instant is important.  It reconnects me to myself and then I start to think and ask myself questions.   Am I doing things that serve me, that serve my family, that will lead to happiness?  Am I being kind to myself and others?  Where did this food come from?  Who prepared it or grew it?  How did it get to  me?  Reminders to savor my tea and enjoy the temperature, the way it makes me feel inside and out.
There are a million things to notice about right now!
Tiny Time Machines  reminder is a perfect way to reconnect.  And its clever.  I dig clever!
Enter to win one of your own!  
Check out the website for inspiration and options for other designs. 
They also have lovely wall "clocks" as well. 

This is the one that I will send to you thanks to Tiny Time Machines!

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