Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Sounds of Nature and SnorgTees Giveaway last chance to enter!

  We move to a gorgeous place surrounded by National Parks, in fact I am looking at the mountains of the Olympic National Park right now out my window, and yet they are all closed.    I was just starting to get my proverbial feet wet in this gorgeous wilderness and now I can't and its, well, it chaps my ass.

  I know it will change and they will open back up but for all this space to be off limits feels weird.  Its my space...... How can it be off limits.   Many people around the country share my feelings of frustration.   So,  while the government is shut down I peruse the blog lists I have of hikers and outdoor enthusiests and wait for the parks to be ours again.

  I have not met Barefoot Jake yet  but have been a fan of his blog for a while now.    I loved this video he posted earlier on his blog.  It makes me so happy that this is my backyard and that we took a huge leap and followed our dreams, corny I know, and moved up here.

In the mean time we have been exploring around town and always love to come back to the pier and people watch and there are always kids around for the boys to play with.    Its a fun place for me to play too with a lovely backdrop.

Drop into a Wild Thing where you are and I bet you will have fun!  

Also there is only about 9 hours left of the Snorgtees giveaway! 

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