Sunday, October 13, 2013

What the hell do I do with myself. Yoga and answers.

  I found myself looking out the window at the mountains and the trees with a lovely evening light.  I have been depressed and melancholy all day.  How can that be?  I ask myself over and over  what the problem is and as I stood with prayer hands and about to do another Sun Salutation knowing and believing that the yoga would make me feel better, it came to me.   I actually didn't believe it consciously but I must have subconsciously because I had an epiphany none the less. 

  I have been feeling like this has all been a dream and not quite...... I don't know, just not quite something.  Then it occurred to me that I am not intensely wanting something.   For ages, seriously years,  I have wanted to feel better.  I have wanted to move, as in move to another state.  I wanted to do something different and make big life changes for myself but for my whole family. 

   Now, well, I don't intensely want anything and I feel lost in paradise.  I like my life, no, I love my life.  Everything is falling into place.   I have a great house, family that is well, my health is good, I walk often, and yoga often, and have even run a bit.  I have hiked in the woods and wave to Canada each day.  I have food, everything that I need, I have.  

  I'm out of the midwest and can look at the ocean and mountains out my freakin window.  But what is it that I want now?   I have no idea, exactly, BUT now I know whats been off with me and now I feel better.   I will continue to take care of myself and my people, yoga, blog, and it will come.  Whatever it is.  And when I do know, I will work hard at it and be awesome and love it.  Most likely it will be many things!! 

  Thanks yoga.  My heart and soul knows that moving my body with my breathe and an open heart and mind that all will make sense.  If not make sense then, at least I feel centered and able to deal.  Calm again I go back to my Sun Salutations.    Namaste. 

Camel pose is fabulous for opening the heart and the front of the legs.  Also great for those piggies!  The key is to keep the hips over the knees.  

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Angie Bee

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