Sunday, May 12, 2013

Willie Nelson's On the Road Again and #handstand365 Day 17

  When I was a very little girl I remember my mother singing Willie Nelson's song On the Road Again while on our way to visit my grandparents in Santa Rosa, California where I was born and grew up.  I remember driving down the road in Northern California watching the pattern of the grape vines in the vineyards and seeing mountains and trees go by with this song on the radio.  We made a weekly shopping trip to Santa Rosa and I think she might have sung On the Road again every single time we started our little trip.  She had a song like a personal soundtrack for every situation it seemed.  I remember being amazed at how many songs she knew and how each one seemed perfect for the moment when she would sing them.  Like she had s witty comment but in song form. 

  She likes many kinds of music from Willie Nelson to the Doors to CCR to The Rolling Stones.  One of her standbys was Love You Like a Rock by Paul Simon.   It was one of her ways that she told us she loved us was singing the melody of that song.  I remember her cleaning the house listening to the Stones or singing an Oakridge Boys song while making lunch. 

   I am estranged from my mother but I have come to a place where I can deeply appreciate some things that she did.   She always had a song to sing and we had music playing often.  She placed importance on being a wife and a mother and often told us that that was what she wanted to be when she grew up and she did what she dreamed of.  It has helped me to appreciate the choices I have made to be a wife and a mother.  

  She valued her relationships and she imparted that on me and I am grateful.  She was always there for us when we were little as she was a stay at home mom.  Even though she often didn't feel well, she has MS, she was always there to listen and take time to pay attention to us.   Being a parent, this is not always easy to stop what you are doing to be present with a child but I don't remember a time where she didn't stop what she was doing and listen. 
  I have loved Willie Nelson since I was a little girl and I love that he is 80 years old and still makin music with his friends, on his old well loved looking guitar, as well as being an activist and humanist.   He also has 7 children!   

  Now that my family is planning a big move to Washington this song comes to mind as we plan and prepare.   It occurs to me that this is a random sort of post but I thought it was interesting that I would hear two references to this song in one morning after having forgotten about it for a very long time.   I don't like to pass up noticing, appreciating, and contemplating multiple random seeming references like that.  

  As far as my mother is concerned,  like I said, we are estranged but for my own heart,  personal growth,  and well being I like to go over the things that I appreciate about her from time to time.   For a long time I was angry and hurt.  Now I see things more balanced and mellow.   It eases my own feelings of disappointment in how things have turned out between us to think about the positive memories.    My heart has healed enough to appreciate the fond memories.   Just like my childhood, it seems as though the soundtrack keeps on going.  Thanks for that Karen. 

  When we get in the van to drive away from Des Moines and on to new adventures I think I might just sing this song.  


Today was Day 17 of the #handstand365 challenge.  As  a FitFluential Ambassador I am taking part in the Under Armour  Whats Beautiful Campaign.  My goals are to do a handstand a day for one year and to hold a handstand for 10 seconds.   I have set up my profile page and put my handstand challenges on my page daily.  Follow along and Come and join me here! 

What do you say "I Will" to?  What challenges are you giving yourself?
Have a fabulous week and be awesome!!!

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