Saturday, May 11, 2013

Work that feels like play, Happy Mothers Day, and #handstand365 Day 16

  The weather has been lovely as of late and I have been playing out in the backyard both on my yoga deck and in the grass practicing handstand.   I have been working out off and on since I was in high school.   I tried many different kinds of workouts and the best ones have been the ones that are more like play.  Granted play can be a hard core lifting session the same as a body weight crossfit type of workout outside.  Its all about attitude really.  I have enjoyed the hell out of looped runs and put in some seriously long miles doing it.  I ran a treadmill marathon and loved that.  It was like play for me.

  Play is certainly different for everyone but having that kind of mentality can take you far when you are working on goals.  Especially on those days that you have a not so stellar run or a crappy yoga session that didn't go the way you want or better yet the days when you get started only to realize that its just not in you and it needs to be a rest day.  Those days are hard but if you just step back, smile, and do a little out of the ordinary little dance,  or randomly hug a friend you are working out with, or do a cartwheel before you decide to call it a day will make the acceptance of needing a rest day or really for whatever reason you need a pick me up.

  Its up to you to have fun and be happy.  Life is tough so be kind to yourself and do a running man singing Cant Touch This (google it youngens its a classic ;)  or do a cartwheel,  or go outside for a minute and look up.  Running past a playground, go across the monkey bars,  slide down the slide.  Have fun and play hard!!

Day 16 of #handstand365 

  Remember you lovely adults out there, the kiddies are watching you and learning from you.  Show them that adults have fun and play too.  Hopefully when they are adults and dealing with a very stressful adult day that they will remember when you showed them how to play.

  Happy Mothers Day you lovely life bringers out there.  You care takers and boo boo kissers.  You nurses, chauffeurs, house cleaners, bread winners,  I send my love and hugs out to you.  Keep on keepin on mamas!!  

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Toni @ Running, Loving, Living said...

Awesome handstand! HAppy Mother's Day!

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