Monday, May 13, 2013

Sort of overwhelmed, Just Like Honey, and #handstand365 Day 18

   I gave away all of my house plants this evening.  I loved my plants!   The man that came to pick them up was the first one to reply to my Craigslist notice.   He is surprising his wife, who loves plants, and is out of town right now.    He said he also wants our old Festiva.  Craigslist is a trip!  

 I feel sort of overwhelmed now.  The house is much bleaker and empty feeling even though there is so much stuff left.  The plants made it cozy.  The whole moving thing seems real now.  It was an experiment to see how fast stuff would go on Craigslist and wow did they go fast.  

  Today was an awesome handstand day.    It was the first day to try a Stag Leg Handstand.  Much easier to balance.  I was told that but had not had the guts to try it until today.   I have to say it again, the key to handstand is having an exit strategy.   Its really nice to try something new and not crash over backwards.  It makes me want to shake my fist in the air and yell "Take that Fear!"   I may have actually done that a time or two........ :)

  The man that picked up the plants reminded me of Bill Murray.  I love the movie Lost in Translation.  Its one of my favorites.  I have also always adored the song Just Like Honey which was part of the soundtrack.   It seemed fitting. 

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Angie Bee


RunToTheFinish said...

moving is such a weird thing...I felt excited, but overwhelmed...loving the new fresh start and feeling empty.

we still don't have everything in it's place which is making me crazy, but I've also realized I need to give it time so I can do other things!

KovasP said...

I love moving (I always want to see what's around the corner) but my wife doesn't, so we're here for the time being.

Unknown said...

Amanda, I think that the hardest part is the fluctuating emotions. I go from a fierce desire to get rid of stuff to a sentimentality that I typically don't feel.

Unknown said...

Kovas, I am so glad we are doing this!! Its time. I want the boys to see so much. It is very refreshing to be starting over.

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