Tuesday, May 14, 2013

the star that fell from the sky and #handstand365 day 19

  Today was a day that I wished I would have taken more pictures and yet I was too busy playing with the boys to stop and take them.   Lots of big changes as far as the move goes.  We sold the trampoline today and my oldest spawn went out several hours later to jump on it and stood there for a few seconds staring at the empty spot before he remembered we had sold it.  The consolation is that we will get another one someday and in the mean time big adventures will be had.

  It was stupid hot today so we didn't play outside much until sunset.  I went out to practice handstands for about 15 minutes earlier in the day but came in right after that.  Too freakin hot and one of the reasons we are bailing on the midwest!   

  Milo, Archimedes, and Samson and I all practiced our handstands in the front yard as the sun was going down and the sky was that pretty peach and pink color that comes with early summer sunsets.  Sam and Milo were doing quite well as Archimedes ran around the yard.   They are both discovering that it feels good to be daring and try something new.   I loved watching the look on their faces when they would get closer and closer to balance.  They would surprise themselves.   I love that I can inspire them and I actually nailed a couple and impressed them.  Yes!  Mom brownie points! 

  While we were playing in the yard I bent over to do a handstand and found one of the boys' star beads from ages ago right between my hands.  I tossed it to Archimedes but he didn't see me toss it to him and he said "look a star fell down from the sky and landed in our yard!"  Of course I had to keep it.   It will be my souvenir from this place.   It's perfect and now my new favorite piece of jewelry!

  Today I worked on hollowback handstands for #handstand365.  Actually I worked on tuck, pike, stag, straight leg, and just playing around with bandhas but for the challenge I worked on hollowback.  Its one that scares me.   There are little weaknesses in my shoulders and I get stuck trying to go deeper. I was able to hold it for a long time though to work on relaxing and strengthening.   I want to be able to bring my butt down to where my shoulders are now and walk my hands out farther so there is a nice bendyness to my back.    Its getting there and the practicing is fun!

  I put in our 30 day notice on our duplex today.  Its official.  We are moving!!  PNW here we come!!

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