Thursday, May 16, 2013

The G+ chapter of my life and #handstand365 Day 21

  I can separate my life into chapters.   When I hear a song from my past it is referenced to a particular chapter.  Even social media goes in a chapter.   When I had baby Sammy it was all about Napster. There was the period of time when I first moved up here to Iowa when I was pregnant with Archimedes and was on MySpace.  I hadn't started blogging yet and hadn't started running again either.

  After he was born and Jaymon was able to travel to visit us in Iowa more often I discovered Facebook and also started running and blogging.  That is the last chapter or current chapter.  Now that we are ending the Iowa chapter I am also noticing that my blogging and social media preferences are changing as well.  

  I just discovered all the awesome new improvements to G+.  Until now I haven't done much with G+ but now I am intrigued and want to do hangouts and love the new layout etc.  I am still exploring it but frankly it makes Facebook seem like the old MySpace.   Granted I am pretty locked into facebook and have many great friends there and my Barefoot Angie Bee page  and of course all the friends from highschool but I am loving the new changes with G+.    I am loving changes lately in general.

  It seems fitting that these big improvements to G+  would start at the same time as our big life change starts.  I am doing more yoga than running, although I still adore running my tastes have changed, and we are moving 1800 miles away.  I love social media but want more depth and better control over how I consume media as well as how I document my life.   I wish that I could post to G+ from Instagram!   I also like that I am not seeing ads for irrelevant crap on G+!

  Here is my G+ link to my page.  Come check it out with me!   What social media platforms do you prefer?   Do you look at your life in chapters?

  Here is todays #handstand365 photo.  It was day 21. 

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Angie Bee

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Marlene and Chad said...

I've been diggin' G+ as well. It's great as a business tool as well as a personal connector. Good job on the handstands. I've added your blog to my blog page, I hope you don't mind.

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