Friday, May 17, 2013

Allergies Can Suck It! and #handstand365 Day 20

  As I write this I am not wanting to write this but I will keep it positive so as not to bum you out and spread my negativity around and to keep my blogging schedule up and running.  Truth is though, allergies can suck it!  There.  Thats where my negativity comes from.  Im a mouth breather damn it!!  I started feeling yucky yesterday and it just keeps getting worse.  My allergies don't typically last long in the spring so there is that.  I didn't start getting allergies until I had kids, the jerks haha!  I send out virtual hugs out to all my fellow allergy sufferers.   We will get through this!  I'm sleepy from taking benedryl but still can only breathe out of one side. 

  I recognize that it usually a trade off when it comes to beauty.  Spring flowers are lovely and my bees love them, yet the allergies are not so lovely.  Fireflies are out and will be missed when we move to Washington.  If you have never experienced catching fireflies on a warm midwestern summer night then you are most defiantly missing out.   The mosquitos that can be the size of a small flying dog, won't be missed.   

  Today was another hollowback handstand for #handstand365 Day 20.  I did more of a regular yoga practice this evening than what I have been doing for the last couple of days and was so tight and awkward.  I think its the heat and my allergies causing stress in my body and its not even that hot yet.    The heat does not agree with my body.   

  On a very positive note,   I started the Clean Program Cleanse yesterday.   There were some ingredients in the shakes or supplements, or both,  that my body needed as it makes me feel pretty great despite the whole allergy BS.  I waited to start the cleanse  during a time of year when I am less likely to get sick and would be less likely to have to stop the cleanse.   I was anticipating not feeling good on the cleanse for a few days or more but I felt great right after the first time taking the supplements and drinking the shakes.   

  Have you done the Clean Program Cleanse?   Have you done any cleanses?   Have a great Thursday!

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