Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Exit strategy in handstand and in life for Day 13 of #handstand365

   Today was all about exit strategies.  I spent my day going through clothes.  We had a lot of clothes.  I packed up 10 bags to be dropped off at our local food bank.   We gave gotten produce from there before and I want to give back as much as I can.   I think that I will go through what we have left  a third time to make sure I got everything and can't trim it down even more. 

  I didn't practice yoga today and wish in hindsight that I had.  I did get out and practice my handstand and although I wasn't feeling my balance today the Superhero said my ass looked good and he sat on the deck and watched for a while so that made me feel awesome!   Funny, after all these years, 16 and a half now, it still makes me happy to know he thinks I'm hot and I feel the same about him.  

  So, it occurred to me that todays #handstand365 practice, Day 13, was all about my exit strategy or transitioning.  It is equally important to balancing and nailing it  and getting hang time.  You have to know how to come down from up there, down there.....

  For me,  when I feel like I am falling and in particular falling over backwards, I will lift my right hand and take a step or two with my hands and it makes me sort of twist to the side and then I can land on my feet.  I went over the other day onto my back but it was more of a controlled roll than a huge crash and it was on the nice squishy soft ground so it was all good.  It made me laugh.   Some people can fall over and land into wheel pose, but I'm not quite there yet!

  What's your exit strategy?  We have them for all kinds of situations large and small.  I am working on our exit strategy to move to Washington.  Yes, I know you will probably get sick of hearing about it and I apologize in advance but it is more than just a relocation.   Its turning out to be a great deal of personal growth that I am pleasantly surprised to be going through.  

  I am typically inclined to rush into things head first with a war cry and not a second thought.  That is probably the fiery Aires in me of which I like about myself and consider one of my strengths, however I do know that I need to tone it down and think before I act and use my moxie tool wisely.   I often find myself upside down and on the verge of falling and having no idea how I will get back to right side up.   

  So, I am planning and researching, and sorting, thinking, asking questions, and being patient and it hasn't killed me yet!  Surprisingly enough I am getting a great deal of satisfaction from it although I am still feeling impatient to get on the road.  There have been many moments of bringing myself back to the present, breathing, and collecting myself before continuing to work.

  There are exit strategies for changing jobs, moving, leaving a relationship, and so many more smaller transitions throughout our every day lives.  Will I take the stairs or the elevator, etc. and they are all different for each individual.  It is also different for each person in how much importance they put on the entrance to the situation or the exit.   

  My son Jupiter, who has autism, works on transitioning between activities and the practice really helps him throughout the day.  He has plans and schedules and even some items that give him comfort that he can bring along in stressful transitions.   It's not much different for those who are typically developing we just take it for granted as it comes more easily to us.  Its interesting to identify our transition or exit strategies once in a while though.   It can save us some heartache, headache, and frustration if we look at this simple yet profound aspect of our lives.  

  What kind of person do I want to be based on how I handle transitions, of which are notoriously stressful to some extent depending on the type of transition, and do I wing it or have a plan in place.   Interesting to ponder in those few seconds I am upside down looking at my world from a different perspective.

  I am striving to make being graceful, calm, and ready to laugh at myself an integral part of my exit strategies. 

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Angie Bee


Marlene and Chad said...

Agreed. Life can be about balancing preparation with letting things flow.

Ironic, my wife and I did the 'organization of clothes' thing this past Wednesday as well. We still have piles around the house, ready to be given away.

Is the 'Superhero' your husband of 16 1/2 years? If so, that's awesome. Sounds like you have a bunch of fun together.

Enjoy your posts. Your handstands are impressive.

Unknown said...

Thanks @TheZannottis :)
The Superhero is indeed Le Hubs of 16 1/2 years. We do have fun. Our weird compliments each others weird haha!

Im ready to go through the whole house getting rid of stuff. Everything has got to go pretty much. We have some boxes of pictures that are going to be stored with our parents but other than that we will have clothes to pack in the van with us.

Marlene and Chad said...

Excellent. Enjoy the process.

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