Friday, May 3, 2013

Short and Sweet #handstand365 Day 8

  I have this big long post in my head, a several of them actually, and I even took notes on my Samsung Note 2 while I was waiting at the dentist with the boys but I am sleepy and its past midnight and I chose to talk to my dear friend instead of blogging and going to bed and I am so glad I did!   Instead of staying up later and pushing through I will write more tomorrow and be thankful that I am inspired to put things out there and not struggling with what to say.  Writers block is the worst. 

  So I give myself permission to make this short and sweet and send out happy sleeping vibes and happy morning vibes to you instead.

  It seems that yoga and handstands are what are inspiring me these days so I will stick with what has become a stand by and post my #handstand365 photo for today (Friday).  I already have to think about what day it is in the #hanstand365 before I type it.  It will be interesting to try and keep track in the hundreds!  Its like loosing track of what loop I am on when running around a track.  I get lost at about loop three!

  Today it snowed and was quite cold so I ran out and tried a few handstands and while I was out there the teen snapped some pics through the window and only told me he saw me out there when I came back in. 

  I hope it inspires him or at least he has memories of his crazy mom practicing handstands daily.   There.  I must go to sleep now!  xoxoxo!!

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Angie Bee 

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Anonymous said...

what an amazing mom you are!

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