Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Oh bread how I have missed you.

  I feel like I have some solid energy.  I have not felt like this in a long time.  It makes me want to run to test out the sustained energy!

For a bit of background, I gave up gluten close to 3 years ago.  When I ate gluten I would feel emotionally and mentally unstable like PMS all the time.  I would feel "off" and unbalanced.   I also gave up dairy and soy.   Recently I reintroduced dairy and drink a kefir daily.  Many of my stomach issues have disappeared.  I think its from a healthy flora having been reintroduced in my gut. 

  Now 3 years later I tried bread from a local bakery.  Its a simple french bread with the basics only to keep the reintroduction clean so I can be as sure as I can that if I feel crazy then I will know its from the flour. Flour, water, yeast, and salt.   

  Earlier this morning I couldn't stay warm and was crashing pretty hard.  My stupid Aunt Flo came to visit and she always kicks my ass. (the upside since there has to be one is that I am not pregnant and she was on time.)   Its like the rest of my body just can't take the stress and hormonal upheaval. I think its the reason I am inclined to eat more before my period.  My body knows to store up some energy and nutrients to deal with whats to come.

  I ate some bread and am now warm and full of energy of which doesn't feel like a spike but long and sustainable.  I was pretty nervous about trying bread again.  My son Jupiter, who has autism, has done really well on a gluten and casein free diet.  It has been the most profound treatment that has worked for him. So I knew how to do a gluten free diet.

  It was not my idea and the superhero has been suggesting I try bread again for a while.  I was really holding on to the notion that I COULD NOT eat gluten.  I think I might be changing my mind.  Its lovely how I have these ideas and teeter on the edge of making a change and then Jaymon comes along and gives me that little push I needed.  We make a good team :)
  Evidently my body has healed.  I won't make a full assessment for a few days but so far so good.  I long to make my own bread and pizza!  I tried years ago to make my own outdoor bread oven but bailed on it half way. Maybe someday I will get one made and I will wear a tank without a bra when I make mine too.

Here is a cool link Traditional

Who makes their own bread?  Do you avoid gluten?  Anyone made their own traditional oven?

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