Saturday, May 4, 2013

letting go of attachments, Little Talks, and #handstand365 Day 9

  Le Husbandy and I sat and talked for at least three hours today. We often talk for hours but today we were scheming and making BIG PLANS.  I can't divulge just yet as I should probably tell my family before they find out on facebook or the blog, but we are getting ready to purge and cleanse ourselves of a whole lot of stuff. 

  Pretty much everything will go as a matter of fact.  We bought a scanner today so I can start to scan all the pics from when Jupiter and Sam were babies and the old pictures I have from my childhood as well.    Getting rid of all this stuff is bitter sweet but I am more happy about it than sad.   There is some stuff that I have had since I was a very small child or some of it came with me over other large life changes.  

 What gets me through is the excitement that comes from knowing that I am making huge changes in myself as I let these things go.  I have a sense of adventure and joy at the lightening of a load I feel inside myself as I look around at my house and see the things that I can give away or sell at a garage sale that will then be appreciated by someone else.   These things that I DON'T NEED.  Its nice to evaluate exactly what I need to get by in this world.  What makes me happy and what weighs me down. 

  When I imagine getting rid of things I envision them like balloons that I take outside and let go into the bright blue sky and wave goodbye as they float away.  Its not a harsh send off but a gentle letting go and lift off and I can appreciate the feeling instead of mourn.  

Turn that frown UPSIDE DOWN!  Seriously, it helps and there is no shame in using a wall or a large pillar in the middle of an office store! 

  I adore my husband.  He and I are both weird and our weird compliments each other.  I think that maybe thats the key to it all.   Today when I started taking my coat, purse, and glasses off and handing him my iPhone he immediately knew I was going to do a yoga pose in the middle of the office store and he didn't bat an eye.  He just started snapping like it was totally no big deal.  Such a rad fella.

  Have to post this video of Little Talks by Of Monsters and Men as its the song I was listening to while I wrote and posted this blog.  Its one of my current tools to get other songs unstuck from my brain box!  

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