Sunday, May 5, 2013

Moving to Washington, spawn yoga, and #handstand365 Day 10

  Big news, big news!  We are headed to the Pacific North West in about a month and a half.  We know mostly the area we want to be in but are going to stay flexible and open to new places.    Moving has been talked about many times but it wasn't the right time until about a week or two ago when we realized that now is the time.  I am so excited!  I have been wanting to move for a while now.    In June we will have been in Des Moines Iowa for six years and its time for a change.   The husband and I have both lived in the PNW before, I was in Northern California and he lived in Oregon, so we know we love it there.  

 We are getting rid of just about all of our stuff and packing up the van and heading out around the middle of June.  Iowa was good to us and I made lots of friends and so many people helped out and love my son Jupiter so it will be sad the day we drive away but Big adventures await!  I am so looking forward  to hunting for shells with the boys and exploring tide pools,  hiking in the woods, and just checking out all the new libraries, museums, and aquariums.

  Archimedes and I spent a lot of time together doing yoga and looking at pictures of the ocean and beaches as well as Mount Rainier and big trees.   Everyone is excited to go and the little boys have had backpacks packed and ready to go since yesterday.  They are sad to give away some of their toys but overall they are happy to give them away to kids who will still play with them.

  I am working hard to stay calm and keep my emotions even.  I find that its exhausting to get really happy and excited.   It's almost as exhausting as it is being sad and stressed.  So I strive to notice how I feel, live in the present, and take the time to breathe and enjoy now.  REALLY HARD TO DO but I am commited!!   I want to remember these times and remember having savored them. 


  During todays #handstand365 practice I HELD A HANDSTAND FOR 5 SECONDS!  This is huge!!  I recently wrote about how I am feeling impatient and wondering when I was going to see some improvement.  What was I missing?  Whats the trick or the key?  I finally came to the conclusion that if you practice something everyday you will get better regardless of if you understand how it will happen.     I just needed to accept that .  I was so stoked and then when I went inside after my practice outside I tried Pincha Mayurasana and nailed it for over 10 seconds and I didn't touch the wall at all during that try.  

  Its so funny how the body works.  I made huge improvements in some areas and yet was weirdly tight in other areas of my body.  I love my body.  It's definitely interesting and entertaining to play with....... ;)

  Little Archimedes Supercell was inspired and had to rock his own yoga moves and he insisted I take pictures.  Notice the top right picture where he is balancing on one finger!   He, as he should be, was really proud of that move.  

  If you could move anywhere you wanted, where would you go?  Anyone live in the PNW?  Tell me about your experience.  Have an awesome Monday!!  Embrace it and make it great! 

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Angie Bee


Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

wrong direction!!! (she selfishly said)

Love that you are so full of happiness with the move, letting go of things and your physical accomplishments.
I'd wish you luck but I don't believe luck had anything to do with you or your family's happiness. so I'll wish you safe travels, calm car rides and peaceful places as you make your way to your next adventure.

KovasP said...

So envious, would love to leave the Midwest. No longer will I wave to you as we pass Des Moines on the way to CO.

Anonymous said...

Breathe and enjoy the now.. YUP so HARD!!!!!!

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

I look forward to meeting you someday. Safe travels!!

Amara Oden said...

Angie Bee! I have been a long-time reader and I just checked out your blog after not for a while. Hooray, you're moving to the PNW! That's where I live and I think you will LOVE it. I didn't see why you had chosen Port Angeles, but I have some friends moving there who think its just a lovely little town. I live in a small town in the foothills of the Cascades. If I can do anything to welcome you to our part of the country, please let me know. It would be a pleasure to repay all of the good quiet moments I have enjoyed and learned from you and your blog and openness about your life.

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