Monday, May 27, 2013

Back to mostly normal, pooping, and #handstand365 Day 32

 Finally I am feeling back to mostly normal.  I feel like I am needing something in my diet and I don't know what it is and I am sure its probably TMI but I am constipated.   People don't talk about how important pooping is though.  Its how we get rid of toxins.  When the poop sits in your intestines, toxins are reabsorbed into your body.  Fruits will ferment and become not good for you anymore and even hormones like estrogen can get reabsorbed and cause an estrogen imbalance all because of not pooping regularly.

  I was out of lemon juice for a while.  I had been drinking a big 32 ounce glass of water with lemon juice and a pinch of sea salt first thing in the morning and was regular every day and it was great.  Not a problem for weeks and weeks.  Then I stopped and got stopped up.   Then I got a stomach bug and everything is outta whack.  

  So, do what you gotta do to poop every day!   Eating foods with lots of fiber, preferably veggies,  and staying hydrated will help. .  Its late at night as I write this so I don't have a bunch of links and what not to share but google about it.  Fascinating and important stuff!   Get the toxins out and don't be ashamed or shy about sharing important info on how our bodies work and what to do to stay healthy.  Everybody poops but not everyone poops well :)


  Today was Day 32 of the #handstand365 challenge.  I did some yoga in the backyard  between rain showers.  I worked on some backbends and some restorative stuff too.  I also finished trying all 7 of the headstands in Ashtanga Yoga.  The last one where you put your arms straight out directly to the side of your body was THE ONE I couldn't get.  I fell over and thought I would just try again tomorrow instead of falling over again since I was trying to take it easy.  I knew that one of the seven at least would give me a hard time and this was the one. (I have a pretty solid headstand practice and I know how to roll over instead of crashing and injuring my neck.) 

  Also I learned to make it a rule to only take headstand photos of myself from the side or the back.  Man!  I make some goofy faces in headstand when I am concentrating hard!  I just don't even need to do that to myself haha!


  I also worked on this fabulous Bridge Pose variation.  It felt wonderful although I did have to warm up quite a bit.  I  do reclined hero pose and then move onto camel pose to warm up for bridge and wheel pose.   

  I hope everyone had a great weekend!  It rained all weekend and is raining again now but its nice and cool and everything is so green.  

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